woman sues ikea for £112k claiming glass cup exploded in her face when she filled it with hot water

by:JinYi     2020-03-20
A woman who claimed a glass exploded on her face sued Ikea for more than £ 112,000.
Wang MS, from Beijing, said she was about to take a sip of hot water when the Stelna Cup was broken.
A ms surnamed Wang claimed that she was knocked unconscious and lost a tooth and needed four stitches to repair her lips.
She demanded compensation, claiming that Ikea had sold her a \"defective product\", adding that she was still suffering after the accident last year.
MS Wang said: \"I panic whenever I hear any loud, sudden voice.
\"If I was woken up by the sound at night, I would not be able to sleep.
\"I was depressed during the day.
It even affected my work.
Ms. Wang claimed that the Swedish furniture giant, which owns 16 stores in China, refused to pay for her medical expenses.
She said that she had received 12 hospital visits to treat wounds and replace her teeth, and suffered severe psychological injuries, including insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks.
It is reported that her case will open in Beijing last Thursday.
Ikea lawyers say they have not received court documents and the case has been delayed.
40 p Stelna glass cups are sold in the UK and around the world.
Ikea said that the mug is made of tempered glass, durable, with strong impact resistance.
\"You can drink hot and cold drinks in a Cup because the Cup is very heat resistant.
The retail giant said today: \"Ikea China takes this incident very seriously. since it was first brought to our attention in May 2017, we have taken every step to engage with customers, to encourage a prompt and fair settlement.
\"We have offered compensation to our clients, but we have not been able to reach an agreement.
\"Ikea is willing to fully cooperate with the authorities and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.
\"What we want to emphasize is that product safety is our top priority at Ikea.
Tempered glass is a common safety material for making glassware products.
\"Our Stelna glassware products have passed a wide range of quality and safety assurance tests conducted by suppliers Ikea and qualified independent third parties.
\"In 2013, IKEA recalled the Lyda giant cup worldwide, when at least 20 cups were broken, and 10 customers said the Cup was burned when hot drinks were poured.
On 2016, it was reported that Ikea was selling furniture to Chinese consumers, which were canceled in the United States due to safety concerns.
Last month, we reported that Ikea had recalled several packs of marshmallow after mice were found in the warehouse.
The Food Standards Bureau issued a recall of all 100 grams of packaging sold in 2018.
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