Where is JinYi factory located?
JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd upholds a fearless spirit towards making mistakes and constantly seeks innovations. Based on that, we overcome various difficulties during the development. We gain numerous honorary qualifications in the industry. JinYi enjoys a superior geographical location with many transportation routes. This facilitates the going out of people and the transportation of goods. JinYi is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and economical solutions for customers, so as to meet their needs to the greatest extent. Just gove us your requirements and specifications, we can present you with flawless ODM services.

Do you still need to install a water purifier after installing the front filter? Need.And it's best to clean the whole house.The filtering accuracy of the front filter is very low, only the sediment of large particles, rust, etc are filtered. if you want to further purify the water quality, it is best to continue to install some products. For example, Autran's central water purifier can be purified in the whole house, but can't drink rawIf you ask for a raw drink, you can only buy a pure water machine with the highest purity. there are only water molecules inside, making coffee and making tea.It is recommended to prepare the whole House for purification before the water and electricity enter the site, because it involves pipeline design, power reserve and other work, and also affects beauty and funds.It is still necessary to install, and it is best to install the front filter of the whole house water purification. the filtering accuracy is very low. only the large particles of sediment, rust, etc. are fi

How about water treatment equipment, water treatment equipment? Hello,I'm glad to answer for you.The quality and quality of water treatment equipment are still good.Water treatment equipment can be divided into sewage treatment equipment, water purification equipment, filtration equipment and ultra-pure water equipment by category.These water treatment equipment have different uses.The following are the water treatment equipment.The membrane reactor technology is a new process combining biological treatment technology with membrane separation technology,Instead two the secondary sink in the traditional process,Stable water used.It can also maintain a high concentration of microorganisms in the biological pool,There are few remaining sludge in the process,Remove ammonia nitrogen very effectively,The suspended matter and turbidity of the effluent are close to zero,Bacteria and viruses were removed from the water,Low consumption,Small footprint.In 1970s, research has begun in the United States, Japa
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