what is tempered glass? -

by:JinYi     2020-03-24
Tempered glass is a popular building material used for specific purposes and in daily life as a replacement for traditional glass.
Manufacturing features to heat the glass to 500 in order to give strength to the glass-
600 °c, then cool sharply.
The molecules in their compositions are transformed to become more heat-resistant and mechanical stress.
It is also important that this glass can withstand higher static loads.
This is why it is often used to make furniture (
Tables, countertops, partitions and other things).
Advantages of tempered glass: * resistance to mechanical stress and temperature changes (-150 to + 300°C)
* The Price of tempered glass can be quite affordable today, it is not like elite and rare material * use and crushing safety * Excellent sound insulation quality * anti-vibration type tempered glass for tempered glass and its application can be flat curved, matte and colored, pattern, energysaving;
Can be used to produce a specific type of glass.
Due to this diversity, this material is used in various fields: When creating shop windows, windows, and door structures;
* During the manufacturing of furniture and interior elements * in the construction of the greenhouse, the Winter Garden of the largest European producer * is arranged on the roof * when glazed in the bathroom and sauna, it\'s a Russian glass factory, Akma, where you can afford it.
The products are made of high quality materials using the latest technology and the most modern equipment.
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