What fields is white laminated glass applied in?
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What is the working principle of the infinite oil mist filter? The infinite oil mist filter uses a special fan,Directly coupled to the three-phase motor.The airflow generated by the fan sucks in the oil mist,And force it to filter the bag through a cylinder pleats.The high quality water washing synthetic filter media will filter out the oil mist here,Then the air flow pushes the clean air in the device,Re-enter the factory.

Is there a filter for sintering net in China? The sintering net filter element can be placed in the filter. for example, it can be placed in the brush filter and backwashing filter. the accuracy can be 1um-500um. There are also many sintering net filters in China, but the process and materials are mixed, from the sintering network alone, its filtering accuracy is not accurate, and whether the material meets the standard of use. The process of the product includes welding and producing various matching workpieces, whether the appearance of the welding process is beautiful, and whether there are leaks in the bubble experiment. Whether machining can produce non-standard and standard. The welding of the workpiece and the filter body meets the needs and applicability of the customer. There are also many areas in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and many in Xinxiang, Henan province.
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