What are SMEs for tempered glass panels ?
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High School, chemistry, filtration or filtration belong to decompression filtration. it is not suitable for the separation of rubber-like precipitation and water. Please answer in detail. thank you! (23:51:14) Two, decompression filtrationPrinciple: the pumping pump decompresses the suction bottle, resulting in a difference in pressure between the bottle and the liquid level of the brandfunnel, thus speeding up the filtration speed.Operation steps: 1. install the instrument, put the filter paper into the bringer funnel, moisten the filter paper with distilled water, slightly open the faucet, and draw the filter paper to cling to the funnel porcelain board.2. transfer the solution first by tilting method, open the large faucet, and transfer the precipitation when the solution flows fast.3. when the liquid level in the suction filter bottle reaches the position of the branch pipe, unplug the rubber tube on the suction filter bottle and pour out the solution from the upper mouth of the suction filter

At room temperature, an element is formed into a powder-like solid, which is easy to melt. the element burns in oxygen and emits a blue-purple flame. 5 This element is sulfur,Sulfur burns blue and purple in oxygen,At normal temperature, it is a summary of powder junior high school chemistry. 1. chemistry is an experiment-based natural science that studies the composition, structure, nature and change law of substances.What physics and chemistry have in common: natural science based on experiments.2. the fundamental difference between chemical change and physical change is whether there are any new substances.Some phenomena such as heat release, light emission, discoloration, gas release and precipitation occur in chemical changes.3. physical properties--State, odor, melting point, boiling point, hardness, density, extensibility, solubility, volatility, conductivity, adsorption, etc.4. chemical properties--Oxidation, reduction, metal activity, activity, stability, corrosiveness, toxicity, etc.5. after heating
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