What about the quality management system in JinYi?
JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd upholds a fearless spirit towards making mistakes and constantly seeks innovations. Based on that, we overcome various difficulties during the development. We gain numerous honorary qualifications in the industry. JinYi enjoys a superior geographical location with many transportation routes. This facilitates the going out of people and the transportation of goods. JinYi is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and economical solutions for customers, so as to meet their needs to the greatest extent. ODM services are in offer at .

Is the contaminated water purified and drunk through the water purifier? Of course not,Have you seen the workflow of the water purification company?The purification of water is in many steps,Including chemical reactions,You can't achieve the effect with the water purifier,The essential function of the water purifier is filtration,The purification of water is a chemical reaction,It is necessary to remove the toxic substances in the water by chemical reaction,The water purifier does not have that function.If it's chemical pollution,It is impossible to purify drinking through a water purifier,Otherwise, it will not be so difficult to treat sewage.See what pollution is,The general impurities in the water can be removed,But heavy metal pollution is still on the market.When buying water purifiers, you should not listen to the promotion of selling water purifiers.I am a quality engineer in a water purification equipment manufacturing enterprise,Just how I feel,At present, the products (water purifiers) on the market

Principle of air filter The structure of the air filter is shown in the left picture, compressed air flowing from the importThe guide plate was introduced (2 ),There is an even distributed diagonal tooth on the guide plate similar to the fan blade,Forcing compressed air flowing at high speed to generate a strong rotation in the tangent direction of the tooth,Liquid water oil mixed in the air and large impurities are separated under the action of strong centrifugal force,Throw it on the inner wall of the water Cup (7,Flow to the bottom of the Cup.Remove compressed air from liquid water oil and larger impurities,Further filtering through the filter element (3,Clear tiny solid particles,Then output clean compressed air from the outlet.The umbrella water retaining plate separates the water cup into the upper and lower parts,Keep the Pressure Zone in the lower part,It can prevent high-speed rotating air flow from sucking water oil from the bottom of the Cup.The water oil gathered at the bottom of the cup is releas
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