What about the production flow for curved glass in JinYi?
A complete and modern production flow for manufacturing products is essential for a company. JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd has formulated a scientific and reasonable production flow to ensure every step of the production is carried out efficiently. From the purchase of raw materials to the package of finished products, the production process requires the efforts of a large number of employees including designers, technicians, and workers. In addition, the concept of "quality control" goes throughout the whole production process because this ensures the high quality of the products.
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JinYi has been focusing exclusively on the manufacture of low e glass for years. Our ability in manufacturing is recognized among competitors. The low e glass series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The combination of superior materials and an advanced concept of curved laminated glass makes curved glass unique. Having undergone the hot-dip process, it will not explode itself. The product, with an affordable price, is widely used by customers from various fields. Its impact strength and flexural strength are generally 4-5 times as strong as the common glass.

The company has a good social conscience. By employing locals workers and treating them fairly and ethically, we always strive to enhance workers welfare and happiness. Inquire!

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