Top 5 Specially Designed Armored Vehicles

by:JinYi     2020-06-04
Armored vehicles are designed on special orders at very expense. Some large auto companies produced such imperishable cars which used by ultra rich people or usually by the head of states. Won't come cheap . these cars are usually in million of dollars and varies according to the level of security offered through the armored car. The most powerful leaders of the earth including President of USA 'Barak Obama' also teach these armored rv's. So let us have a from some top armored cars: Mercedes Benz S-Guard 600 This Mercedes car offer luxury and safety parallel. The cost of this four-door car is $1.4 million. It can withstand close range fires of sniper, rocket grenades and have resistance to rolling around. Despite its long length, the car can gain speed of 60 mph in just 4 just a few seconds. Audi A8 Security This black shining Audi has an ultra resistance body formulated from steel, titanium, and Kevlar. Such metals save this car from firearms and chemical reactions. The speed of this car rrs incredibly high as it may reach from 0-100 miles/h in compared to four secs. The price of A8 security car varies from $0.69-1.00 million dollar. Bentley Mulliner Division This luxurious car frequently own by business tycoons, who earn billion of dollars annually. Bentley can resist to any firearms and chemical explosives from all of sides. The engine has twin turbo, which ensures the speed on the way. The design of this car is compared to the Rolls-Royce cars. The cost of entertainment Bentley is $0.4 ton of. BMW 7 Series High Security This full comfort vehicle is fully able to handle up with any malicious situation. Your and glass windows are capable of repel any chemical weapons, targeted bullets etc. The innovative technology that BMW introduced is the gas tank that may seal itself if hits by a bullet. Conquest Knight XV A hummer shaped black jeep looks more likely the armor vehicle of military causes. The bumpers and fenders are formulated with fiberglass since the body is toughened by steel. The wheels are made especially of special aluminum, which saves the Knight from any tire auto crash. Even with such a heavy weight, it can reach a speed of nearly 150 miles/hour. The price Conquest Knight is $0.31 million.
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