thinking of purchasing tempered glass screen protector?

by:JinYi     2020-03-27
Before purchasing a tempered glass screen protector, make sure you are clear about the purpose of these screen protectors.
You can also try tempered glass screen protector for online shopping;
Here you will find many offers and discounts for these mobile accessories.
When you buy an expensive phone, you want to make sure it stays at its highest level;
After all, you have worked hard for it.
Using a screen protector is a way to protect the device from scratches and fingerprints.
But how about it when you accidentally drop it or place heavy objects (s)on it?
The plastic screen protector can only protect your phone from scratches, dust and fingerprints, but it can\'t do this when you drop your phone or place heavy objects on your phone.
Tempered glass screen protectors these screen protectors are one of the best quality tempered glass screen protectors and one of the most popular mobile phone accessories because they have many advantages, but mainly because they prevent the screen from breaking.
Tempered glass is the actual glass, which is five times stronger than ordinary glass due to the way they are formed.
The glass is heated at high temperature and cooled quickly, so it is stronger than ordinary glass.
Because of the way it is made, the tempered glass is crushed into a small ring-
Sharp jagged edges like shapes, not known to ordinary glass.
This makes it safer for users to pick up their phones (s)
You can use it without worrying.
Another advantage of these glass types is that it is hot. resistant.
Due to the way it is manufactured, it can withstand thermal stress and damage.
Like any other accessory, there are advantages and disadvantages to using a glass protector.
The two benefits of using glass are shock and heat resistance.
Another benefit is that it is more scratch resistant than plastic.
Those cheap tempered glass screen protectors will not last for a long time and the quality will drop over time.
Last but not least, since it\'s made of glass, like the screen of the phone, it\'s like a person is actually looking at the original screen, not through the other
Over time, scratches accumulate as plastic scratches accumulate, making the screen appear blurry to the audience.
Dust also slips from the edge, and if you can\'t put the plastic well on the screen bed, it\'s likely to have bubbles between the phone and the protector as well.
One drawback of the glass protector is its thickness.
The thickness is about 0. 3 mm to 0.
5mm makes it bulky for some users, and if you have already made a phone case by hand or installed any other phone case, it also creates some problems.
Some users feel that the Protector will expand a bit, which makes it more of an aesthetic problem.
The other is the price that must be paid.
Five times more expensive than plastic covers;
However, the price is reasonable given the protection that people will get.
The cost of replacing the cracked screen is also high;
That said, it\'s better to invest in a product that will bring you more benefits than buying a cheaper one, but when you have to replace the cracked screen, it can cost you ten times as much.
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