the warren platner dining table adds classic style to any meal

by:JinYi     2020-04-01
The mid-
The century table designed by Warren Prana is 50 years old this year, and to celebrate, Noel will be at 18-
Gold plated Karat.
But the fans of the elaborate stuntman can find different versions in the more humble material and look beautiful.
Source: price within reach of the design: $8,073 27 \"h × 53.
75 \"w x 21\" diam (base). In 18-
Gold plated or nickel finish at Karat. Made in Italy.
The masterpiece requires up to 1,000 welds, like a bundle of wheat, which is reinterpreted by modern aesthetics.
Stainless steel net coffee TableSteel net coffee TableSource: Lijing Store Price: $2,27 \"high x 53. 5” w. Chrome-
Plated stainless steel with diagonal edges-
Tempered glass on the edge. Made in China.
The curved stainless steel rod welded in the circular frame brings the moiré effect to the base.
Table Price: $2,10027 \"hx52\" w
Nickel or gold face. Made in China. A bevelled-
Edge glass top set on 85 polished stainless steel
Steel horn rod.
The warm metal finish adds a rich touch.
Table inspired by the Warren Prana table: ROV compups Price: $1,69527.
25 \"h x 54\" w x 54 \"d. Top is scratch-
Tempered glass. Made in China.
The carefully crafted stainless steel wire welded individually on the round top and on the base ring makes the table durable and safe.
Bassett Source: Wayfair at the dining table of Mercer Bassett.
Ca Price: $1,900 30 \"h x 54\" l x 54 \"wTriple-
Chrome plated base and glass top with diagonal edges.
This table base does not have the density of the Prana classic \"crown\" stick, but it does convey the effect of ventilation.
Warren aend Source: Kanvass Price: $2,498 (free shipping)27” h x 52” w. Nickel-
Plated Steel or polished gold face. Bevelled-
Tempered glass on the edge. Made in China.
This replica has a nickel or gold finish on the base, which makes it easier to match the metal with the trim.
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