tempered glass production

by:JinYi     2020-03-27
Tempered glass is mainly used in cars and buildings, and its strength is six times that of ordinary glass.
Tempered glass breaks into small pebbles of glass, which is much safer than the broken mode of ordinary glass, which gives tempered glass more names --Safety Glass.
The glass industry has developed many regulations or standards to manage the manufacturing process of glass and the final requirements of each glass.
Quality control testing can ensure the public safety of products including glass, which is one of the materials used in the manufacturing process.
An example was found in the automobile industry;
Tempered glass must be used for side and rear windows.
In the event of an accident, tempered glass can be broken with metal objects and allow passengers to escape, allowing emergency teams to reach the place where trapped passengers are.
One of the requirements that the tempered glass must meet is that it must be kept at the PSI (
Pounds per square inch);
Most tempered glass can remain intact at a temperature of 20000psi or higher.
Glass is made from a variety of materials, including aluminum or magnesium oxide, silica and lime.
Rawmaterials are heated to its melting point and cooled after forming.
Often, the glass is quickly cooled and kept in shape by being put into cold water.
The strength of tempered glass or annealing glass is 6 times that of ordinary glass.
However, due to the inherent fracture pattern, it must be cut into shape before tempering process.
Ordinary glass is easy to cut, but if tempered glass is cut, the stress generated by cutting is likely to reduce it to a pile of rubble.
After cutting the plain glass into size and shape (including edge or decorative etching), check for any defects.
Any defects in the glass make it unsuitable to make tempered glass.
The glass is heated above 1200 degrees F (650°C)
Then cool quickly.
The process of rapid cooling is called quenching.
It not only solidified the molten glass to maintain its shape, but also made the glass stronger.
How the combination of compression and tensile stress is used to tempered the glass or annealing the glass.
When the outside of the glass object is cooled quickly, the pressure stress will be generated.
The interior is still relatively hot, and the cooling rate is slower, resulting in tensile stress.
Each time the heating and cooling process is repeated, more stress is eliminated, resulting in greater stress.
The oven for the manufacture of tempered glass can be a small unit and can hold a single glass until a huge conveyor belt
Beltovens running products continuously through the oven. The most cost-
An effective way to cool tempered glass is the cold air jet.
Jets are placed close to the glass, blowing very cold air on the glass.
The use of air-conditioning streams rather than methods previously used, such as oil or salt water, can reduce the production cost of tempered glass and make it more affordable than laminated glass.
Upon completion of the manufacturing process, the glass is tested to verify that it meets all applicable standards.
All products that do not meet the standards are rejected.
Tempered glass is the standard for many end products, such as cars, building windows and almost any products that may not be suitable for weaker glass.
More than one inventor took the tempered for tempered glass.
About 1750, Francois Royer de la Batti claimed to have invented tempered glass.
Then, about 1935, Austria-
The Born Rudolph Seiden has won the first tempered glass patent in the United States.
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