tempered glass guard for lenovo k6 power

by:JinYi     2020-03-23
Hi, this is manoj kumar ojha and now I will write an article about tempered glass protection for Lenovo power.
In this article, I will write about prices, features, specifications and product descriptions.
If you are looking for the best: price details for this product: the screen protection price for Lenovo K6 power is Rs.
279 description: tempered glass screen protector is made of solid Japanese glass with a surface hardness of 9 h, which can be protected from day to dayto-day scratches. the 2.
The 5D glass edge is smooth and has the best definition.
This tempered glass is made of oleophobic coating, resistant to stains and fingerprints, and always shows well.
It also has an extra layer that breaks itproof.
Foam of 100%
Free technology ensures that you can easily install screen protectors on your own without any problems.
Product description: You also need to ensure the security of your smartphone due to its features.
Now, use this product to make sure the original display of your smartphone is safe.
Ready from high
This screen guard uses high-quality materials to prevent scratches and stains on the mobile phone display.
Japanese glass: from high
The screen guard uses high-quality Japanese glass with high optical clarity and no loss in touch sensitivity.
It is also strong and durable. anti-
Crushing: The product has a laminated coating that does not break into pieces in the event of an impact.
9 h surface hardness: The surface hardness of the product is 9 h.
In contrast, the surface hardness of the diamond is 10 h.
Surface hardness indicates how much pressure is required before the material is scratched.
The high surface hardness of the tempered glass enables it to resist scratches on everyday items (such as keys, coins, and other sharp items.
Round edges for a smooth finish: The product has a round edge that is exactly the same as the natural curve of the phone monitor.
In addition, the product is a chip compared to the normal tempered glass screenresistant.
Anti-smearing: no matter how many times you use your smartphone, you will get free smearing and fingerprint display due to its oleophobic coating. 100% bubble-
Free adhesive: very easy to install screen protector.
You don\'t have to go to the mobile store to install as this tempered glass has 100% bubbles
Free adhesive, first class clean installation.
Best of all, it\'s only a few seconds to install. .
3mm thickness: only products.
3mm thick, so as to keep the smartphone slim without affecting the safety of the monitor. the .
The thickness of 3mm also ensures the response of the mobile display as always.
Specifications of tempered glass shield for lenovo power supply: This product is designed for lenovo power supply, with transparent color and no residual removal-yes ,tinted -
No, sales package-
1 tempered glass shield.
Tempered glass protective function of Lenovo power features: Antibacterial: anything that destroys bacteria or inhibits the growth or reproduction of bacteria.
Chemicals such as heat and chlorine and antibiotics have antibacterial properties.
Many antibacterial products for cleaning and hand washing were sold today.
Scratch-resistant: scratch-resistant, avoiding only minor scratches, scratch-resistant chemical coatings, lenses, watches, photographic film. air-
Bubble proof: air embolism is a bubble trapped in a vein or artery.
In general, embolism refers to any adverse event trapped in the vascular system.
Air embolism, specifically, refers to bubbles or bubbles of gas trapped in the blood vessels.
UV protection: Yes, UV (UV)
It is important to protect your eyes.
Ultraviolet radiation from the sun will not only damage your eyelid skin, but also damage the cornea, lenses and other parts of the eye.
Anti-reflection: anti-reflectionreflection (AR)
Coating is an optical coating applied to the surface of the lens and other optical elements to reduce reflection.
In typical imaging systems, this improves efficiency due to less lost light.
Now I have written a complete article about this product.
My opinion on this product: In my opinion, this product is a very good product with very low price and good rating. If you are looking for the best product then you can try it. thanks. .
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