tempered glass for motorola moto e4 plus

by:JinYi     2020-03-25
Hi, this is manoj kumar ojha and now I will write an article about electric tempered glass for Motorola moto E4 plus.
In this article, I will write about prices, features, specifications and product descriptions.
The price of power glass for Motorola moto E4 plus is Rs.
226. FlipKart.
Com india description: power glass offers a new high quality and excellent defense performance.
This electric glass will prevent scratches on the device\'s screen without sacrificing visibility.
Power glass consists of a static adhesive that leaves no residue when removed and does not go wrong when installed.
This is a special glass that is good for you, with a hardness of up to 9 h, which is more effective in preventing oil and dirt, fingerprints and filtering UV rays. it has only 0.
3mm thick glass Motorola moto E4 big specifications: This product is specially designed for Motorola moto E4 Plus, transparent color, multi-level this product is a monthly layer, sales package-
1 x tempered glass, wet wipes power glass function of Motorola moto E4 plus: anti-glare-
Monitor screen that has been processed to reduce the glare of the light source.
The LCD screen initially had a non-
This is one of their significant advantages compared to CRTs. air-bubble proof -
Air embolism is a bubble trapped inside a vein or artery.
In general, embolism refers to any adverse event trapped in the vascular system.
Specifically, air embolism is a kind of bubble or bubble of gas trapped in the blood vessel, resistant to scraping
Scratch-resistant, only minor scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant chemical coating, Lens, watch, photographic film.
Fingerprint protection
IZOVAC technologies has developed an-fingerprint (AF)
Coating Technology on glass and polymer surfaces.
The AF coating produces a layer of hydrophobic material to prevent grease from sticking to the surface.
Now I have written a complete article about this product.
My opinion on this product: In my opinion, this product is a very good product with very low price and good rating. If you are looking for the best product then you can try it. thanks. .
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