tempered glass

by:JinYi     2020-03-28
The use of tempered glass is much wider than most people think.
You know, every window in your car (
(Except windshield)
Is it made of tempered glass?
Tempered glass is used in many industries such as automotive manufacturing, cookware, residential and industrial construction.
Do you know the use of tempered glass is so extensive?
Tempered glass is widely used for two reasons.
The first reason: Temperature Glass is the safest glass when it is possible for a person to be cut by broken glass.
The second reason: the tempered glass is very strong and can withstand thousands of pounds of force.
In the early days of the automotive industry, death and disability were common due to car accidents.
Most people may be surprised that accidents are usually minor traffic accidents, otherwise they will be called \"Fenders\" today \".
In that era, car accidents were so dangerous because the car windows were broken into extremely dangerous, sharp pieces of glass.
Due to tempered glass, windows no longer pose a serious threat to people in car accidents.
Every kitchen in America has tempered glass.
Coffee Pot, oven door, glass baking tray and even measuring cup are usually made with tempered glass.
You can also find tempered glass in the bathroom
The clear shower doors are almost all made of tempered glass.
Tempered glass is also widely used in commercial buildings.
In fact, every outer window of a commercial office building is tempered glass.
Have you ever opened one?
The glass front door of the Adepartment building?
The heavy glass doors are made entirely of glass.
The earliest mention of tempered glass was Prince Rupert\'s tears.
The melted glass dripped in the cold bucket.
The glass immediately hardened to form tear-like pieces of glass.
At that time, no one knew that they were making what was now called \"Temperature Glass.
Tears are very hard pieces of glass that can withstand great pressure.
However, if hit directly with a hammer or other metal object, they are crushed into small pieces.
Tempered glass is by heating the glass to an extreme temperature and then by immersing the glass in an old liquid or with cold-air jets.
The glass can be heated and cooled multiple times.
The more tempered the glass becomes stronger, while still maintaining the ability to break into thousands of small pieces of harmless glass.
Tempered glass is often called \"tempered glass\" or \"safety glass \".
Never use tempered glass for car windshield!
Today\'s automakers use two different types of glass when building acar: The windshield is built from laminated glass, while the other windows in the car are tempered glass.
If the car does not use tempered glass, the fire department and rescue personnel will not be able to save the lives of many people;
If they can\'t break the window easily, it will be harder for them to rescue the victims trapped inside the car.
Tempered glass is used in the position where the general public is exposed to large pieces of glass.
The next time you open the glass door of your favorite department store, you can be sure that if that glass door breaks down it will break into thousands of small pieces of glass, pose a small risk to your safety.
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