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by:JinYi     2020-03-23
The TV desk is no longer old.
An old-fashioned cart hung on the wall of the living room, with a shabby photo hanging on it.
It has changed from just a TV station to a more versatile cabinet.
In terms of length and height, it is larger in size and is an important piece of furniture, as well as a sofa, chair and a table in the center of the living room.
It has a dual use of storage and decoration.
Cabinets can be made of wood or metal.
Wood onecan made of plywood with a sturdy teakwood bracket.
Teakwoodsupport remains strong to withstand the weight of heavy-duty electronics.
Teakwood pillars can do a lot of experiments.
You can carve complex patterns on it.
Or it can be made into a new type of pillar.
An extra varnish and polish will add this majestic look to the entire unit.
Another type of carbon steel is powder coated.
This is a fully \"open\" cabinet without any blinds.
The shelf is basically made of tempered glass.
It looks very beautiful and provides
Go to the living room.
But because of its openness, it captures dust, so it needs to be wiped more frequently to keep this look.
Both types of cabinets have the right position on the back of the wire for easy movement with casters on the bottom.
Wood type can be customized-
Made according to individual requirements.
However, metal cabinets or cabinets made of medium density fibers-
The board must purchase as is.
Cabinets can be divided into different parts according to their size.
The central part is used to keep the TV.
Music systems and DVDplayer can be saved at the bottom.
The left part can be used to store books, catalogues, information guides, and map brochures.
A small shelf can hold the phone.
It would be convenient to put a few pens and graffiti paper next to the phone and small stool.
The doors of this small bookstore can be easily opened and closed, preferably made of glass, which can be seen.
The right part can be a display of art objects such as small ebony or sandalwood elephants, wooden dolls, small shields, Cups won by family members, beautiful pottery and soft toys.
Family photos are placed on the whole shelf.
Photo albums, stationery, coasters and phone diaries can be stored on the shelves below.
Glass doors are not required for these racks.
Location cabinets can have three prominent locations: against the wall: this is the most common location in the home.
It takes up about ten feet of length.
Because of its large size, its position is more or less fixed and cannot move too much unless it has to be cleaned and mopped.
Corner: the TV cabinet in the corner is relatively small.
Its rounded edges and surfaces present a neat picture that makes the corner a focal point, especially when watching TV.
Although the furniture is varied, it can be placed in another corner depending on the size of the room.
As a partition: If you have a spacious living room and want to divide it into a dining room and a living room, this is the best option.
You can put your TV in a tray so you can see it in the room.
Objects can be displayed on both sides.
It can also be used to create corridors or foyer at the entrance to the living room, and can be moved against the wall in small family activities to create space.
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