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by:JinYi     2020-04-02
Tempered glass is now a popular feature for many homeowners.
But how safe is it?
Lawyer Sue Yapp remembers the day when her shower screen broke spontaneously on 2008.
\"It\'s about six.
I was still sleeping at fifteen o\'clock A. M. when I heard a loud noise from (ensuite)
Bathroom in my apartment
\"I walked into the bathroom and looked at it when I realized that my shower screen was broken,\" said Yap, 36 . \".
Yapu added that at that time she had only installed a tempered glass shower screen for about a year.
\"I was very surprised because it seemed to be broken without any obvious reason.
But I am very grateful that I was still sleeping at the time, so I was not injured.
I\'m pretty sure no one told me about the risk when I installed the shower screen.
\"I did some reading online after the incident, but I have not encountered any local cases, even though similar cases have been reported overseas.
\"I don\'t have any family members or friends who have experienced such things, so I think I am unfortunate,\" she said . \".
Since then, Yap has replaced the shower screen with a plastic screen.
\"I don\'t have a glass shower screen anymore,\" she joked . \".
Yap\'s case is not an isolated one.
According to the National Consumer Complaints Center (NCCC)
Law enforcement K.
Last year alone, the center received about 10 similar complaints.
\"Almost everyone is talking about tempered glass on their furniture,\" explained inexplicably \".
\"Although there are only 10 complaints, we actually have more than 40 inquiries on this issue,\" he said . \".
\"We recommend that consumers either complain to us or directly to the consumer claims tribunal (
Trade at home, together
Department of agents and consumerism).
I believe many of them have gone to court.
Such cases are not limited to Malaysia alone.
ABC News reports on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (2012 (CPSC)
More than 60 complaints have been received (
More than eight years later)
Looking from the other side of the US, there doesn\'t seem to be any reason for the shower door.
\"According to the CPSC incident, a sudden explosion could cause serious tears and bleeding. . .
News reports said some reported that they needed stitching and surgery after being \"covered in glass\" or when the skin was \"embedded\" in the glass. \".
Sim Chee Liang, executive director of Ajiya safety glass Sdn Bhd, said tempered glass has become more and more popular among Malaysian families for its strength and versatility over the years.
\"In the 1990 s, there were only one or two steel furnaces in Malaysia.
Today, there are about 40 steel furnaces in Malaysia, and there are about 20 companies in this industry, so you can see how much the industry has grown in the past 20 years.
\"Tempered glass can be used as a shower screen, kitchen tailgate, desktop (furniture)
, Partition, stair railing, wardrobe door. . .
It has many uses.
\"Sim says tempered glass is classified as safety glass, three to five times stronger than regular glass.
\"It is made by heating ordinary floating glass to softening point, at about 700 °c, and then quickly cooling the glass by spraying air evenly on both surfaces at the same time.
When it breaks, it breaks into many small pieces, which provides some protection against serious injuries.
\"However, if it breaks or bursts at a high speed, it can still be dangerous,\" he explained . \".
What is the reason for the broken tempered glass?
\"Tempered glass may break for various reasons, although it is stronger than ordinary glass.
It may break due to impact or if the edge or surface of the glass is damaged by handling or glazing.
If you have a tempered glass table and there is a gap on the edge, then it is no longer safe;
The piece will eventually break the whole glass.
\"For example, the structural movement of the major renovations being carried out next door could also cause the tempered glass to break,\" he said . \".
As for spontaneous rupture, Sim explains that although this is often rare, it may be caused by hydrogen sulfide inclusions.
\"Unfortunately, there are microscopic impurities of nickel sulfide in the raw glass that cannot be completely removed,\" he said . \".
Mark Meshulam, a glass expert in the United States, explained the nickel sulfide package as \"tiny rocks of unmelted materials remaining in glass \".
\"You can imagine that a small stone embedded on a glass plate will weaken the glass and eventually lead to crushing if it is subjected to high pulling force or compression force.
But things get worse-the size of nickel has increased by 4% over time, especially in hot cases.
If it is located in the formation between the stretching and compression of the glass and it grows. . . kaboom!
He said on his website that the Chicago window expert. Sim says heat-
The risk of spontaneous crushing of soaked tempered glass is much lower.
\"A test to eliminate hydrogen sulfide inclusions as much as possible is a hot dip test based on the bs en 14179 standard, a common test used in Europe.
This is basically a stress test, so if the glass breaks, it breaks in our stove, not in your home. “But heat-
Wet tempered glass is about 15% more expensive than ordinary tempered glass, and delivery may take longer, which is why consumers still choose ordinary tempered glass at times.
But if you use tempered glass on the shower screen, I highly recommend you to use hot-
\"One was soaked for safety reasons,\" he said . \".
Sim added that only about 25% of industry players offer hot dip tests that meet the above criteria.
Consumers should also realize that tempered glass is not always suitable for every occasion.
\"Some consumers use tempered glass on canopy or skylight, but this is not appropriate at all!
At the very least, they should use laminated glass so that it doesn\'t break even if it breaks and they have enough time to replace it.
\"Ask what kind of glass you will get,\" Sim said . \" He added that many Chinese-
Imported tempered glass does not meet international safety standards.
Santhossh agreed.
\"Consumers need to know more about what they buy.
Read it before you buy so you can make an informed decision and you know the risks involved.
\"At the same time, perhaps the relevant departments can look into this issue more deeply, because it is a question of consumer safety.
\"There should perhaps be a requirement to ensure that the glass used for furniture and home is always in compliance with international safety standards.
\"Safety should always be a priority,\" he said . \"
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