samsung galaxy s10 pops up in hands-on video again, official protective cases and covers leaked

by:JinYi     2020-04-03
Only a few hours from Samsung\'s Galaxy unboxing launch event, the Galaxy S10 series will be grandly unveiled at the event, but there is no evidence to stop the torrent of leaks.
Samsung Galaxy S10 surfaced again online
In the video next to the Galaxy S10, we can see their design and the Galaxy Buds.
In addition, official and third
Reported case of party protection working with Galaxy s10
The fingerprint sensor is also revealed.
In addition, the official protection case of the Galaxy S10 series has also been leaked.
To remind you, Samsung will hold a press conference in San Francisco later today to launch the new Galaxy S10 series smartphone.
Start with the hand-
On clip, it is said to be a preview video detailing the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 that have now been removed.
It is reported that the video shows the complete design of the two smartphones and also tells about their imaging hardware.
Interestingly, the video also revealed that both smartphones will support reverse wireless charging, one of which shows the juicing of the Galaxy budds battery, the battery is saved in the back panel case of the smartphone.
It is reported that when the Galaxy S10 appears in one hand
In the video a few days ago, the new leak marked the first time the Galaxy buds were seen.
The leaked images allegedly depict the official protective cover for the credit of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Photo: Twitter/Roland quandt in addition, multiple renders allegedly for the Galaxy S10 trio official protective cover are also
WinFuture\'s Roland Quandt leaked the case for the Samsung Galaxy S10e, which shows off a point
Like the pattern on the back panel, it may be sold as the official Samsung Galaxy S10e LED case with \"emotional LED lighting effect \".
Another set of renders claiming to describe the official Samsung cover of the Galaxy S10 also surfaced online, showing a variety of design and color options.
The official cover of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have multiple colors and designs, and it is commendable that when talking about the company\'s official product items, samsung will provide protective cover for LED cover, LED View Cover, silicon cover galaxy S10, leather cover, clear View cover and screen protector, Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 in all colors.
In addition, a clear cover and pattern cover will be provided according to the large number of leaks from DroidShout.
Tipster Ishan agar also contributed some rendering, claiming to show the official marketing image of the Samsung Galaxy S10, charging the Galaxy Buds wireless.
Contrary to the leaked hand, the render shows the Galaxy S10 white buds showing off in the same color in the charging box
Paint their video in black.
Samsung official screen protector will be in-
Recently, it has been reported that the ultrasound of the Galaxy s10 is-
The display fingerprint sensor cannot be used with the screen protector.
Well, Samsung seems to be selling the official screen protector for the Galaxy S10 trio, just in-
Display Fingerprint sensor related.
Pictures of Samsung\'s upcoming official screen protector for its flagship smartphone also appear online, allegedly thanks to WinFuture\'s Roland Quander tweet.
But third, except for Samsung.
Party screen protector for Galaxy S10 series, with in-
It is reported that fingerprint sensors will also be provided.
Dome glass is a tempered glass screen protector from a company called Whitestone that allegedly works well with in-
The fingerprint sensor is displayed because there is no air gap that hinders the certification process.
White Stone dome glass has reportedly been certified by SamsungPhoto Credit: droidlife. The company claims that it has used a liquid optical transparent adhesive (LOCA)
Eliminate the air gap and make the dome glass in-with the Galaxy s10-
Display fingerprint sensor.
In addition, the white stone dome glass is also known as the only tempered glass accepted by the Samsung mobile accessories Partner Program (SMAPP).
However, the list of tempered glass has been removed from the Whitestone website.
Finally, it is reported that Samsung will also hold a Galaxy S10 preview event in several cities in India on February 21, following the Galaxy unpacking event scheduled for today.
According to SamMobile, the preview will begin at 5: 30 p. m. at Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, guluk, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.
Without a registration agreement, anyone near the preview event can experience the flagship smartphone, the report added.
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