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by:JinYi     2020-03-30
NoviSign and Cactus Media decided to increase cooperation: combine NoviSign\'s digital signage software with various custom DS hardware for Cactus (
Kiosk, monitor, Totem, etc).
NoviSign and Cactus Media decided to increase their collaboration, which started 4 years ago, small in size and at a higher level!
NoviSign is a digital signage software company (
For Android, Windows and Chrome OS platforms)
While Cactus Media is a manufacturer of kiosk kiosks, touch displays, totems, self-charging power stations (
Combined with digital signage)
Professional and industrial TV displays are available for 24/7 and various digital signage custom equipment.
Since 2009, Cactus Media has an impressive portfolio of customers, located in yokomuillite, Israel.
NoviSign software has been successfully tested on various custom products-
Manufactured by Cactus Media, mainly based on Android.
Good performance.
Cactus Media offers a full set of turnkey solutions.
They can design and build any prototype you want to build.
All the assembly is done in the factory, including the equipment of the machine and the electrostatic painting.
The products are state-of-the-art, including display screens of different sizes (
Can also be double-sided)
, Video wall, decorative aluminum profiles on both sides, ultra-thin, elegant appearance of tempered glass, passive cooling system with long hardware life and so on. Hurrah!
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