new guidelines for glass balconies not enough, says mpp rosario marchese

by:JinYi     2020-04-04
Critics say new regulations on glass balconies in Ontario\'s building regulations are not sufficient to ensure public safety because they do not apply to existing buildings.
Ndp mpp Rosario Marchese said: \"The change in this regulation does not help to ensure the safety of hundreds of recently built apartments with glass balconies that may pose security risks, for the past five years, he has been lobbying to raise standards for apartment buildings.
Changes in building codes set a higher standard for the type of glass designed and used, and will only apply to development approved after July 1, 2012.
Queen\'s Park said it would be up to the city to decide on the safety of existing glass condominium towers already packed with the city skyline and the development of pipelines.
Since last summer, 30 balconies of 11 buildings in Toronto have been smashed, all of which are tempered glass.
A glass balcony expert advisory group has been set up in the province and the provisional building specifications have been revised in accordance with its recommendation.
Housing Minister Catherine Wayne said on Thursday that Toronto has the right to check the balcony if there is a concern, and it is now up to the city to deal with existing buildings.
But Toronto Chief building officer Ann Boroa says the city can only issue an order to inspect and upgrade after the glass breaks.
At the same time, it plans to ask developers and owners to check the balcony voluntarily.
\"By having the developers voluntarily show goodwill and make the necessary modifications to prevent the glass from falling, the McGuinty government has not protected the safety of the apartment owners,\" Marchese said . \".
\"This change has not helped to improve the safety of the glass balconies of hundreds of apartments built over the past decade.
CTV News reported on Thursday that a glass fell from an apartment in downtown Ottawa.
New rules have been announced by Wynne, including the use of heat
In the design of the Glass beyond the concrete balcony plate, the laminated glass is reinforced.
If one pane is broken, the other will keep the glass in place until the glass can be replaced.
These changes also require heat.
When the glass is on the plate but close to the edge, the soaked tempered glass can be used.
Hot soaking removes most of the impurities that cause the tempered glass to break spontaneously.
Design changes have been added, such as ensuring that the glass is not in contact with the metal.
Although these provisions are not retroactive and do not apply to existing buildings, they are now Canada\'s most stringent.
\"Of course, it appears,\" said engineer Mark Brooke . \" He joined the advisory group with other engineers, construction experts, construction inspectors and municipalities.
But he said the group was told to look forward rather than back. “(
Existing Buildings)
It\'s an elephant in the room, \"he said.
Over the past five to seven years, the city has begun to compile a database of apartments with glass balconies.
Since then, the chance of broken tempered glass has been greatly reduced due to impurities.
Once the database is completed, Borooah said a letter will be sent asking the owner to do the inspection voluntarily.
Engineer Mark Brooke says the information collected through this process will be limited.
The inspector will be able to identify the physical problems that may cause the glass to break but will not be able to find microscopic impurities.
\"They won\'t tell you if there are too many inclusions that can cause breaking,\" said Brooke . \" He expects more broken glass balconies this summer.
\"We are trying to find a way to do field testing, but it is very labor-intensive and less than 100 reliable.
We would be really busy if we could do that.
\"Ultimately, if the condominium board takes ownership from the developer, the cost of replacing the glass may fall on the owner of the apartment.
\"It is the responsibility of the building owners, even under the building code, to protect their building safety,\" Borooah said . \".
\"It is therefore the responsibility of the owner to take the rights measures first.
Temporary measures under the Ontario Building Code are temporary.
The province requires the Canadian Standards Association to develop national guidelines and then pass them in accordance with Ontario regulations.
Borooah says the city\'s experience over the past 18 months has shown that the risk of glass falling is small.
Tempered glass is designed into small pieces.
\"If it breaks into small pieces, it is unlikely to hurt someone,\" she said . \".
A woman was slightly injured after being hit by falling glass on Bay Street.
Also from the stars: builders use grids to fight falling glass.
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