mum warns against installing tempered glass shower panels after daughter injured by spontaneous breakage

by:JinYi     2020-04-05
A worried mother warned other families not to install a tempered glass screen in the bathroom because a screen was apparently broken without warning and showed some glass to her daughter.
One of the girls was even cut so badly that she needed a few stitches on her shoulders, back and hands.
Saddened by the incident last Sunday afternoon, facebook user Tan JS posted a lengthy narrative about her experience handling her daughter\'s hospital stay, and the so-called indifference she faced when talking to apartment management and developers.
While his daughter was in the shower, Tan and her husband heard a crash before screaming.
According to her daughter Ariel, she kept opening the tempered glass door when it suddenly broke without warning.
The young girl immediately hugged her sister and protected her from falling pieces of glass.
Parents found them dripping blood.
Tan pointed out that there is even a \"big hole\" on Ariel\'s shoulder \".
First aid was given and an ambulance was called.
Bleeding is big enough to soak the gauze and towels used to cover up the girl.
When Ariel arrived at KK Women and Children\'s Hospital, eight doctors were said to have taken care of the girl.
Fortunately, her tendon was not sliced and she had a few stitches.
According to Tan, Ariel is currently resting at home while her other daughter has returned to school with only minor wounds on her feet.
Due to the nature of its materials, the exploding bathroom glass doors are actually common everywhere.
Sometimes it can even spontaneously crush into pieces without much provocation.
Shower doors are usually made of tempered glass, which is much safer than standard flat glass.
The glass is specially treated to break it into small pieces of particles, rather than really cutting someone\'s large pieces --
Especially people who are naked in the shower (
Unless you\'re naked, of course).
In fact, a similar incident occurred on 2014, when two girls and a domestic helper were injured by a shower glass panel without warning.
According to the glass supplier, spontaneous breakage may occur due to internal defects or impurities in the glass, minor damage during installation, and even water temperature in the shower.
As you do not want others to go through the same experience as her, Tan strongly encourages others not to install glass panels in the shower or at least a protective film in the shower to prevent spontaneous breakage.
She also didn\'t want to name the manager and developer of her apartment, nor did she want to shame them, both of whom apparently told her the warranty period was over and there was nothing they could do about it.
Bureau of Construction and construction (BCA)
But there is nothing they can do, because the governing body is only responsible for structural maintenance.
\"We just don\'t want anyone to go through what we\'re going through and what Ariel is going through now,\" Tan wrote . \".
\"We certainly learned a lot from this episode and we will share this episode to raise awareness of the dangers of tempered glass shower screens.
\"The Post mom warned against installing tempered glass shower boards on coconuts after her daughter was injured due to spontaneous breakage.
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