man says glass drawer top from ikea exploded for no apparent reason

by:JinYi     2020-04-03
Richard Winship heard a loud noise on the other part of the house and rushed to investigate what was going on.
He found that the top of the Ikea Besta series was littered with pieces of decorations and glass on the floor.
The explosion damaged the walls and the units that placed the walls.
Now he is calling for a ban on the sale of the top during the investigation, which is part of the mix and match furniture series.
But IKEA said they would not take further action.
Richard, 55, said: \"I sat there for lunch and heard a loud noise.
\"There was glass everywhere, but there was no reason for the explosion.
We don\'t have children or pets, so we don\'t know anything.
\"It shouldn\'t happen, and I\'m worried from a health and safety perspective.
I\'m just happy.
When things happen, one person sits on the couch or they may get hurt.
Richard, a lecturer named IKEA (IKEA), said that the top is out of warranty and will not be replaced.
Ikea says the top made of tempered glass will be broken into small cubes instead of long pieces.
They say the cause of the explosion could be a previous impact, or even a scratch that caused the tension of the glass.
A spokeswoman for Ikea said: \"Our product safety is our top priority and our entire product range has been rigorously tested.
\"We know that the experience of broken glass can be frustrating, but all of our glass countertops are made of tempered glass.
Tempered glass is designed to minimize the risk of injury.
Small impact and breakage over time can affect the durability of tempered glass, and even if this damage is not visible, it can lead to breakage.
We have been in direct contact with our customers and are currently looking into this matter further.
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