laminated glass in modern architecture

by:JinYi     2020-04-06
The use of glass is an inevitable trend of the construction trend and the development of modern architecture.
The style and elegance of glass are most evident in the design of skyscrapers and modern buildings.
The orderly arrangement of glass walls and steel structures is characteristic of high-tech buildings.
Building glass is used as glass material for buildings, windows and internal partitions.
These glass are safe types of tempered, reinforced and laminated glass that can resist environmental pressures such as hurricanes, bomb explosions, fire weapons, strong winds and the impact of other objects.
Laminated safety glass plays an important role in protecting the effects of natural and man-made disasters.
This laminated glass is a safety glass that is combined when broken and provides resistance to the penetration of objects.
It is produced by combining two or more layers of tempered glass with the plastic layer inside, which ensures high impact resistance.
If laminated glass is not invented, it can protect people inside and outside the building from indirect damage after an explosion, and most modern buildings do not exist.
There are several benefits to getting more daylight into the building.
Studies have shown that increased light during the day helps people improve productivity at work and helps the hospital\'s physical and mental recovery by allowing daytime access to buildings.
This new coating technology has high performance, low reflectivity and high permeability.
This can be achieved by using laminated glass.
In high-rise buildings, two layers of laminated glass help to control solar energy and natural ventilation.
It can also significantly reduce street noise and control the transmission ratio of solar energy.
Most importantly, these laminated glass can reduce UV radiation by up to 98%.
The fading of fabrics such as curtains, carpets and furniture is mainly due to the exposure of windows to the sun into the building
Purple energy from the sun.
Glass strengthening systems
Is a pioneer in this industry, they have more than 25 years of experience in this field, there are dealers all over the world.
They make a miniature.
Thin and transparent polyester laminate, turning ordinary glass into a barrier, can resist the power of bad weather such as small guns, bombs, high impact projectiles and hurricanes.
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