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The service concept of laminated insulated glass in JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd emphasize on laminated insulated glass. Check now! Engaged in the Production of laminated glass for Years JinYi's laminated security glass has the following advantages over other similar products. While providing quality products, JinYi is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.

Working Principle of filter oil drying cylinder 1. the so-called oil filter,It's a filter machine,Oil is divided into edible oil and industrial oil,Therefore, the oil filter can generally be divided into edible oil filter and industrial oil filter.Oil filter oil generally use centrifugal, bag type, etc.There are too many industrial oil filters,According to the filter oil can be divided into lubricating oil filter,Turbine oil filter,Anti-fuel oil filter, transformer oil filter, etc,Or according to the different principles of application technology, it is divided into: vacuum oil filter, plate frame pressure oil filter, LYAXD precision oil filter car, pneumatic oil filter, ceramic filter, centrifugal oil filter and so on.2. the general application function of the oil filter is to realize the purpose of waste oil regeneration, new oil purification and reuse,Generally, pure physical filtration does not involve chemical changes,Vacuum, heating, interception, strong magnetic adsorption, precipitation, centrifugal

How much is a small fully automatic bottled drinking water equipment? who knows? This kind of equipment is not made up of one, but a production line.The simplest pure water production line also has 9 equipment, raw water filling-booster pump-quartz stone filter-activated carbon filter-precision filter-reverse osmosis filter host-ozone mixing Tower-pure water tank-filling machine.The reference price in turn is about 2000 1900 5000 8000 15000 25000 10000 2000 19000. 0.1 million small. Of course, the quality is different and the price is different.The following is a weak alkaline water production line. you can refer to it. there are more weak alkaline water treatment equipment and weak alkaline water tanks than ordinary pure water.
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