india imposes anti-dumping duty on tempered glass from china

by:JinYi     2020-04-02
New delhi: India has taken counter measures
China imposes a five-year dumping tax on tempered glass used to protect the screen of mobile phones to protect the domestic industry from the followingcost imports.
The tax bureau has issued a notice,
Dumping tax of $52. 85-136.
Tempered glass imported from China is 21 tons per ton.
Tariffs have been imposed on \"texture tempering (Tempered)
Glass of at least 90.
5% transmission with a thickness of no more than 4. 2 mm (
Tolerance 0 is included. 2 mm)
Whether coated or uncoated, at least one size is over 1500mm.
Investigation by the anti-corruption administration
Dumping and related duties (DGAD)
I found that the tempered glass exported by China to India is lower than its relevant normal value.
In addition, it concluded that domestic industry suffered material damage from dumped imported goods from China. \"The anti-
The notice states: \"The dumping tax levied shall be valid for five years from the date of publication of this notice . \".
Protect domestic industries from increased dumping taxes on low-cost imports.
Commerce and Industry Minister sister Sitharaman told the Federal Academy earlier this month that\"
Anti-dumping duties on 93 products imported from China \".
These products belong to a wide group of chemical and petrochemical products, steel and other metal, fiber and yarn products, mechanical products, rubber or plastic products, electrical and electronic products, and consumer goods, and so on.
India\'s imports from China fell slightly to $61.
2016 28 billion-
7 last fiscal year.
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