hyderabad: walls of glass, islands of heat

by:JinYi     2020-04-03
Hyderabad: The use of tempered glass on the facade of the building increases, raising the temperature of the city.
It\'s hot, isn\'t it?
If you think that the temperature rise is only due to the monsoon that has skipped school in the past few years, think about it.
More likely, stable but drastic changes in the overall temperature are closely related to the home and workplace.
Excessive use of tempered glass facades in the building has led to the rise of the so-called urban heat island, which you may want to avoid if you are looking for a house.
After the Telangana founding protests intensified after 2008, the trend towards the use of tempered glass began to pop.
Faced with the threat of stone throwing, builders began to use this larger-thickness glass, which is usually used in the automotive industry to make windshields.
This prevents the windshield from breaking into pieces when it hits, thus preventing injuries.
But scientists point out that builders forget that tempered glass reflects more heat back on the road than normal glass, causing the surrounding temperature to rise.
\"Where there are buildings with multiple glass facades, the temperature will rise significantly.
\"The temperature has risen at least twice,\" YK Reddy, director of the Meteorological Department, told TOI.
In fact, the urban heat island (UHI)
Because of the rapid urbanization, a city is warmer than its rural environment.
In 1810, British amateur meteorologist Luke Howard first investigated the phenomenon.
Subsequently, many studies have shown how this phenomenon causes a temperature difference at night to be larger than that of a day when the wind is not too large.
With nearly 160 multi-storey commercial buildings, all of which feature tempered glass facades, the buildings have been built over the past three years by regional experts such as bergumbe, banara Mountain, Jubilee Hill and madpur, the temperature here has gone up a notch.
\"People living in the city center must have witnessed a surge in temperatures,\" Reddy added . \".
Excessive use of glass in buildings also leads to increased use of air
Air conditioning that releases greenhouse gases.
\"This has had an adverse effect on local weather patterns and has heated the area further,\" an expert warned . \".
Met experts say the western and eastern regions of the city, including areas such as Trimulgherry, Neredmet, Alwal, Himayatnagar and Serilingampally, are better than others
Interestingly, construction companies and independent homeowners are looking for these \"Cool Places \".
\"The way people, especially those who belong to the middle class, buy or choose their properties has undergone a paradigm shift.
Vijay Jandhyala of Jandhyala structures said: \"Recently, there have been many people migrating to the Trimulgherry, Alwal and Balajinagar regions because of
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