how to repair or replace a scratched glass shelf

by:JinYi     2020-03-21
Q: After we moved recently, we found a glass shelf in Huachi, China, Pennsylvania, scratched.
Two local glass companies we contacted at 5/16-
We need the thickness of inches, and we can\'t match the plate slots that are slightly cut into the shelves in front of the rear edge.
The rack is 31-inch long, less than 13 inch wide, and the groove is 1/16-to ⅛ -inch deep.
Do you have any suggestions for finding replacement shelves?
Overland Park, Kansas
A: You may want to be satisfied with lessthan-
Perfect solution
Options include a new rack that is a little thicker or thinner but does have a plate slot;
A shelf with a suitable thickness but no grooves;
Or deal with the existing rack to make the scratches less noticeable.
What makes the problem even more complicated is that many glass shelves are made of tempered glass, also known as safety glass.
Tempering makes the glass about four times stronger than the ordinary glass, so that the shelf supports a greater weight.
But it must be processed after the glass is cut to a certain size and has a groove, because if cut, the tempered glass will break into small pieces.
This limits the ability of local glass companies to customize
Make shelves with plate slots.
They usually need to send these orders to a factory that can be made and then heat the glass in a special oven.
One way to find companies that can provide glass shelves with flat grooves is to ask the local glass companies first.
If they can\'t help, ask if they know a company that can help.
People in any industry are happy to share tips, especially when they are unable to meet the needs of potential customers anyway.
This strategy, coupled with a long period of Internet search, has created several companies that can meet your needs --
But no one can do this with glass 5/16inches thick.
The most recent choice is-or ⅜ -
Inch thick, so the replacement shelf will be 1/16-
Thicker or thinner than your other shelves.
If you choose this option, maybe you can put the replacement shelf at the bottom of the Hatcher, so it\'s not on the level of the eye.
\"If you stare at it, you\'ll notice the difference,\" said Avery Simpson, who helped with Dulles glass and mirror online customer service at Va Manassas. (866-452-7707;
Dulles glasses and mirrorscom).
Dulles does not provide shelves with plate slots, but it is recommended
A glass company in Manassas (703-368-4627; a1glasscompany. com), which does.
Near your house, a supplier is port west glass and mirror in Kansas City, Kansas City. (913-671-8847; westportglass. com).
There is a shelf in the size you need, there is a plate slotinch-
Thick tempered glass costs about $100.
Tips for calling West Port are clock mirror and glass from Wichita (316-262-8642;
Bellagio andglass. com).
Bell also offers glass shelves with flat grooves, but it is processed in the store so that the glass is not tempered.
This makes the shelves too fragile to be transported;
You need to pick up your order.
Wichita is far from where you live.
Or, you can buy a 5/16 shelf if you decide to give up the plate slot --inches thick.
Dolle is a manufacturer that searches for thick glass on numerous internet and only sells tempered glass shelves shipped from a factory in Germany.
Blue Stone shelves (1 Dealer)866-618-0629;
Blue Zone. com)
Sell a 31-inch, 12-inch-wide shelf with a curve in front of it for $38. 99.
Please note that this is a little longer than the time you measure the shelf, but there may be enough gaps at the end to accommodate it.
If you don\'t want a curve, Blue Stone also sells shelves of the same thickness and length of 8 or 10 inch deep.
Home Depot also sells Dolle glass shelves but doesn\'t have the size you need.
Since there doesn\'t seem to be a perfect solution, another option for you is to keep what you have and cover up scratches.
Depending on their depth, pasting the wax may work.
Wax is a wax that you will use on wooden furniture, it is filled with slight scratches and helps to reflect light from the surface as if the scratches do not exist.
Moving the scratched shelf to the bottom or top of the Hatcher, or strategically covering it with a hole or two, also helps cover up the flaws.
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