How to operate tempered glass windows?
As for the accurate operation of tempered glass windows, it is recorded in the instruction manual with a lot of operational details. Generally, the product is easy to operate as it is manufactured to have a stable structure. But we still prepare some instruction information in case there are some accidents happening. If you find it difficult to operate, please check out our instruction manual to see whether you have some misoperation. If you still worry about the product operation, please ask us for help.
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With the help of professional employees, JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd enjoys a good reputation globally. JinYi provides a wide range of laminated insulated glass for customers. JinYi safety glass door uses the finest materials and adopts modern innovation in consistency with international standards. With good thermal stability, it is able to withstand the temperature of up to 300 ° C. The product has stable machine performance. It always runs stably in the operation of start, brake speed adaptation, and open circuit losses. It can present the truest color clarity and does not fade easily.
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All employees at JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass are ready to provide satisfactory and honest services to customers with an active attitude.

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