How to extend reflective tempered glass warranty?
JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd is a leader in terms of providing high quality products and services. JinYi sticks to the enterprise spirit of 'innovation, excellence, perseverance'. We uphold the corporate belief of 'quality is of great importance to the enterprise'. We are efficient, pragmatic, honest, modest, which is the reflection of corporate value. The low e glass developed by JinYi is widely used in Manufacturing Building Materials Building Glass industry. The reflective glass is one of the main products of JinYi. low e glass is manufactured based on high-quality raw materials and special process. It has good flame resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance, as well as excellent wear resistance and tear resistance. our team unlocks gains and efficiencies with its skilled engineers. The product comes with various kinds of payments like L/C, T/T, and Western Union. The products are qualified and high-quality. If you have any interest, please contact us!

Who has an engineering profile? Thank you in detail! China is a country with a shortage of water resources,The per capita water resources are about 2200 M3,About 1/4 of the world average.Jinan city is one of the key water shortage cities in the country,For resource water shortage areas.Jinan is known for its 'spring city,Famous for spring water.Within the urban area,There are four spring groups in the distribution,Quantity,The flow is large,Real numbers are rare.However,Due to blind and over-exploitation of groundwater,The underground water level in Jinan dropped continuously,The spring water broke off.Especially since 1999,Jinan quanqun stopped spraying for 936 days.Reclaimed water reuse,It is an important way to solve the urban water resources crisis,It is also the fundamental way to coordinate urban water resources and water environment,Domestic sewage treatment and reuse,It can not only reduce the exploitation of groundwater,I

Is the pre-filter more expensive than usual? What do you mean? Is it said that the pre-filter will cost more water than usual? The front filter is a primary filter for the water entering the household, removing large particles such as sediment and rust in the water. Generally, the filter accuracy of the front filter is about 40 microns, mainly depending on the filter element, it can also reach 5 microns. The pre-filter will be more expensive because there is waste water discharged. Generally, the pre-filter needs to be cleaned after a period of use, and there are manual cleaning and automatic flushing, when the filter is washed, some water will be mixed with the dirt on the filter element to discharge the wastewater. Otherwise, I don't know where else the wastewater will be compared.
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