How much will it cost for toughened glass price production?
The ultimate ambition of JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd is to have a great influence on the reflective glass industry. Check it! The Specialized Manufacturer of toughened glass price JinYi's curved glass is produced in strict accordance with standards. We make ensure that the products have more advantages over similar products in the following aspects. JinYi provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs.

Do you need a protein separator for a water tank of more than 40 centimeters long? Can you use only filters? Need.Protein separator,The English name is portein skimmer,That is, the 'egg score' that fish friends often mention ',It is also called a foam splitter, a protein splitter, a protein demister, a nitrogen remover, etc,It is a simple and effective sewage treatment device,It is mainly used to reduce physical and chemical jelly in water,To achieve the purpose of purifying water quality,It is one of the equipment needed for the opening of the sea water cylinder.The protein separator consists of contact chamber, inflatable device, sewage collection chamber, inlet and drainage, sewage discharge, ozone filling, liquid level adjustment, Flushing Device, etc.The protein separator can be divided into seawater protein separator and freshwater protein separator according to the purpose;According to the structure, it is divided into standard protein separator and luxury protein separator.In a fish tank,Fish waste an

Introduction to the working principle of fume purifier Device.,And it works better.It is characterized by good ventilation performance,And more efficient purification,The noise is still low when extracting soot,Basically colorless after fume treatment,It can also emit low space.Let me introduce you to the working principle of the fume purifier,I hope it will help everyone.Using mechanical oil removal technology,Use the gas power of the fan to purify the fume.Through the two-way flow theory of fluid mechanics, the oil fume separation is realized inside the impeller.By changing the angle of the blade and the form of the blade,Make the fume molecules collide and gather on the impeller plate and sheet.So that the oil fume is confused by fine particles,Thrown into the inner wall of the box by centrifugal force,Out of the leaking tubing.After the front-end processing,Remove most of the fume,However, the escaped Micron-grade fume is mostly filtered after being processed by the high-efficiency filtration s
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