How many insulated glass windows are produced by JinYi per month?
JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd upholds the idea that enterprise culture plays an important role in the growth of a company. Ask! The Specialized Manufacturer of insulated glass JinYi's tempered glass panels is produced in strict accordance with standards. We make ensure that the products have more advantages over similar products in the following aspects. JinYi provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs.

Junior high school chemistry simple filter Items needed: bottles,Stone,Fine sand,Activated Carbon,Gauze,Cotton.Production methods as shown in Fig,The red line is gauze.Stone,Fine Sand: insoluble impurities in filtered water.Activated carbon: absorb pigment and peculiar smell in water.Gauze: separate different materials.Cotton: prevent activated carbon from falling into the water.

3 M water purifier, what about the front filter, is it good to use a set of water purification effect? Hello! I'm glad to answer for you,3 M Company has a strong liquid filtration technology platform and has more experience in the liquid filtration industry than in 100, it is currently the only liquid filtration company in the world that spans industry, medical care, food, drinks and drinking water. From the point of view of product materials, the 3 M water purifier adopts the world's best quality coconut shell activated carbon, and the fine filter element is imported from the United States. while efficiently filtering impurities in water, it can effectively retain mineral elements in water, make your drinking water healthier.For example, like catering: McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, real kung fu, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and so on are all customers who belong to 3 M water purifier products, including mainland China, more than 90% of McDonald's restaurants use a 3 M drinking water filtration system as a termina
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