How long can reinforced glass panels be used?
Difference between laser ceramic ring zirconia and alumina Difference:Ceramic ring glass ring is durable, glass ring ceramic ring is easy to cultivate and digest bacteria, but the glass ring should be better, the PH glass ring is lower than the ceramic ring, and the PH of the glass ring is between 7.0 and 7.5, the ceramic ring is around 7.5-8.0.Introduction:Ceramic rings obtain the best water quality through the best biological purification of fresh water and seawater, which is a kind of enhanced filtration material with pure biological properties. The best water quality is obtained by the best biological purification of fresh water and seawater, an enhanced filtration material of pure biological nature. It can be used for all biological In-filter, out-filter, drop purification filtration system and garden pond filter.As an efficient and durable filter material, it is also particularly suitable for small biological filters. Biological filter cotton can be used as a front filter material to avoid pollutio

The service philosophy of low e laminated glass in JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd emphasize on low e laminated glass. Inquire online! The Professional Manufacturer of Quality reinforced glass panels JinYi guarantees reinforced glass panels to be high-quality by carrying out highly standardized production. Compared with other products in the same category, it has the following advantages. JinYi is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations.

Is the front filter installed in front or behind the inlet valve? Of course, it is good to install the inlet water valve. In fact, the effect is similar, but in case of problems, it is much more convenient to Repair !!! It needs to be repaired in the back, or it will be convenient to replace the filter screen. Hello, it is correct to install it behind the water meter. it is recommended to leave the position of entering the water to facilitate flushing in the future. The maintenance of the front filter is recommended to wash frequently, prolong the front life, take out the filter element after a period of time, and wash it with a brush. It must be installed in the back, the closer the use end, the better. This will reduce the area of the pipeline pollution.
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