how automotive glass works

by:JinYi     2020-03-29
Thanks to its strength and solid safety records, some automakers are considering the implementation of laminated glass in all areas of their cars.
It has been used on some large vehicles: GM has installed it in the rear windows of their passenger cars in order to keep passengers in the car during major accidents.
Some manufacturers, such as BMW, have placed laminated glass on the side of some of their models as additional protection against theft.
In addition to the safety boost it provides, laminated glass becomes a good sound insulation material because of the PVB inside [source: Allen].
However, there is a problem with the implementation of laminated glass throughout the vehicle: in an emergency, occupants who need to leave the vehicle quickly cannot break the laminated glass without help.
Due to its strength, the crushing time of laminated glass may be 10 times longer than tempered glass, which is difficult for passengers with weak injuries to escape [source: Allen].
This dilemma does not prevent car designers from designing new ways to get more laminated glass into our cars.
Cielo roof, for example (
The name is from \"sky\" in Spanish \")
It\'s already on the concept car track.
Cielo roof extends the windshield of the car to the back of the driver\'s head and converts the entire roof into a laminated glass [source: Allen].
Car Glass is designed not only for safety and comfort.
Glass manufacturers and automakers are also trying to find ways to recycle glass.
Although some of the excess glass produced during the manufacture of automotive glass will indeed be recycled, once the automotive glass is installed on the vehicle, recycling becomes more difficult due to additives such as paint and heating elements
Despite these difficulties, glass manufacturers are continuing to explore new ideas to make glass stronger, safer and more suitable for new cars.
You may not think too much, but our vehicles would not be as safe as they are now without modern tempered and laminated glass.
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