How about the minimum order value for OEM products?
It is the eternal tenet for JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd to pursue laminated glass door. Get info! Engaged in the Production of tempered glass panels for Years JinYi's tempered glass panels has the following advantages over other similar products. While providing quality products, JinYi is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.

What are the benefits of welding dust purifier vertical filter cartridge? The welding dust collector is an industrial environmental protection equipment,Usually used in welding operations such as hand arc welding and tin welding,Used to collect smoke from purification welding,Play a role in protecting the working environment and protecting the health of workers.1: The structure of the welding smoke dust collector includes: Universal dust suction arm, high temperature resistant dust suction hose, dust suction cover (with air volume regulating valve), fire resistance net, flame retardant high efficiency filter element, pulse anti-blowing device, pulse solenoid valve, pressure difference meter, clean room, activated carbon filter, Ash sink drawer combination, flame retardant sound absorbing cotton, new Korean casters with brakes, fan, ABB 2 Motor and electric control box: working Principle of welding smoke dust collector: through the gravitational action of the fan,Smoke exhaust gas through the universal dust Ho

Do you want to install a front filter? Can be installed or not. the front filter can carry out primary filtration of sediment in water. the filtered water is relatively pure. it flows in the wall-mounted furnace to reduce the scaling of the wall-mounted furnace and prolong the service life of the wall-mounted furnace. The wall-mounted furnace is the abbreviation of the gas wall-mounted furnace. The full name is 'gas wall-mounted Heating Furnace' and is a water heater with natural gas as its energy, it has various safety protection measures such as anti-freezing protection, anti-dry burning protection, accidental flameout protection, excessive temperature protection, and anti-sticking protection of water pumps. The standard of our country is called 'gas wall-mounted fast heating water heater', but it is not a gas water heater in the traditional sense, which is essentially different from the water heater. The indoor thermostat can be connected to achieve the purpose of personalized temperature adjustment and en
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