How about production process for curved glass?
The production process for curved glass consists of several steps. Before the materials put into process, they should be carefully selected and screened to remove the unqualified materials and impurities that may damage the quality of the finished product in the follow-up treatment. Then the workers are responsible to conduct exquisite workmanship on the spare parts and assemble them to form semi-products. The assembly is conducted in the dustfree workshops in line with industry standards. Throughout the manufacturing processes, there are quality control methods implemented to ensure a high pass rate of the finished products.
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JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd has been established for many years, and has gradually grown into a leader in China's laminated glass door manufacturing industry. The laminated insulated glass series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The design of tempered glass panels's body frame is based on effect improvement and insufficiencies amendment. Once it is broken, it will be broken into tiny obtuse particles as small as grains, which does no harm to people. External 3rd party auditors praised this product for its high performance. The edges of the product are polished to prevent people from being cut.

What we hold on to is: always being prepared for any eventualities. No matter from the product quality nor customer service, we will work hard to improve so as to stands firmly and stably in the market. Welcome to visit our factory!

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