housewares: patio living is a breath of fresh air

by:JinYi     2020-04-01
With the long weekend of Victoria Day coming, unofficial summer begins.
This means it\'s time to move our social life out of the door.
Fortunately, the outdoor furniture is more durable and beautiful than ever before, and it has a wide range of styles and personalities.
Start decorating your outdoor living space with a terrace restaurant so you can always provide a stylish and comfortable meeting place for your friends and family.
Pull up a seat on these great tables.
The Chatham collection of ceramic Barns is a true classic with a variety of features, comfort, fashion but not affectation.
Tables and chairs are made of sustainable and hard materials
In mahogany.
The relaxed style and warm finish create a welcoming mood in your outdoor space.
The rectangular table comes with a butterfly extension that allows you to accommodate all your friends when folding for easy storage.
Prices include tables, two armchairs and four side chairs;
Mats or accessories are not included.
Pottery Barn | $3,121 (
Online Cdn about $5,000)| potterybarn.
The desks and chairs of comham Hampstead restaurant are clear in lines and white in navigation, reminiscent of the summer by the sea.
The expandable rectangular table is enough for all your friends to use (
It is easy to sit in 10 seats when fully extended)
And comfortable armchair for easy storage.
Talk about durability-
The series is made by kiln-
Dry sustainable mahogany (
Certified by Forest Management Committee)
With Super teethand-tenon joinery.
The price includes the dining table and six stacked armchairs;
It does not include cushions, umbrellas or accessories.
Pottery Barn | $3,121 (
Online Cdn about $5,000)| potterybarn.
Not your thing, but the natural tones of wood and warmth?
Is your style more stylish, modern and cool?
Then GlucksteinHome seven
The Mykonos restaurant is probably exactly what you want.
It\'s heavy duty, powder
Solid and durable coated steel frame, oh-so-chic.
There is a hard tempered glass top on the table with a thick seat and cushion on the chair that can suck away moisture, which is convenient for the occasional summer shower.
Prices include tables, six chairs and seats, cushions and cushions.
Hudson Bay | $1,899. 99 | thebay.
Several pieces of furniture are as convenient for outdoor entertainment as a bar cart.
It would be even better if it could be a work of art, like this fir and cast iron example in Vancouver --
Custom furniture for recycling wood by J & S.
Owners Josh Hooge and Steve McFarlane rescued antique wood from old barns, heritage houses and industrial buildings, and then transformed the pieces into beautiful and practical things.
Each is handmade and designed according to the customer\'s specifications.
Etsy | US $920 | etsy.
If your only outdoor space is a small deck or balcony, but you still want to dine outdoors, what you need is a small bistro.
Suitable for small space is San Remo three-
The conjoined Bistro has an obvious family set;
It looks fine but it has a solid powder
Coated steel frame and fast
Dry sling fabric easy to maintain.
Perfect for romantic nights under the stars.
Mats or other accessories are not included in the price.
Hudson Bay | $499. 99 | thebay.
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