here\'s how to escape your car if it floods during a hurricane, aaa says

by:JinYi     2020-04-06
It\'s the hurricane season, and for drivers who risk flooding, a big storm can mean extra danger.
Car and truck owners should keep escape tools such as hammers or Springs in case of emergency
The loaded instrument was designed to break the window in a compartment close to the driverside door.
AAA, a non-profit auto group that offers roadside assistance, says places like glove boxes or consoles work.
But according to a new study, not all of these tools are reliable in life and death.
The report released by AAA on Tuesday examined three Hammers-
Three spring styles
The loaded tools perform well in the crushing of tempered glass and laminated glass.
None of the six tools successfully broke the laminated glass and four of the six --
All the spring
One of the loads and hammers-style —
Tempered glass was broken.
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Laminated glass is most commonly used in windshields and is made by merging two layers of tempered glass with a plastic layer in the middle.
According to the windshield repair company Auto Glass fitters in 30 states, this makes it easier for the glass to bend rather than break when it hits.
Laminated glass will not break even if there is a crack.
Tempered glass is usually used for rear and side windows, which break when hit.
John Nielsen, AAA general manager of automotive engineering and maintenance, said in a press release: \"to improve safety, more and more vehicles are equipped with laminated side windows . \".
\"But most people also have at least one window made of tempered glass.
\"With the introduction of the new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety standards, the number of vehicles with at least one laminated glass window has increased in recent years, which aims to reduce the number of drivers popping up in high-speed accidents.
Of the 2017 accidents, some 21,500 people were expelled in part or in whole, injuring more than 11,000 people and killing more than 5,000.
According to the AAA study, in 2018, about 33% of the models had laminated side windows. U. S.
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If your car is on fire or flooded, it will be threatened.
AAA advises drivers to plan ahead by remembering which windows have what type of glass.
Each window should have a tab at the bottom of the side window.
Drivers should also keep escape tools in cars that are easy to access and plan exit strategies in advance.
If trapped in the vehicle, AAA recommends that the driver perform the following operations to ensure a safe departure from the vehicle. Stay calm.
But work quickly and cautiously.
Unfasten your seat belt.
Make sure all passengers are ready to leave the car at the time of departure.
Shake or break the tempered window.
Keep in mind that if the vehicle sinks, opening the window will cause the water to rush in at a faster rate.
If the window cannot be opened or broken due to lamination, everyone should move to the back of the car or wherever the airbag is.
Stayed there until all the air left the vehicle.
Once this happens, the pressure should be balanced and let the occupant open the door to escape.
Leave the vehicle quickly.
Before the Flood completely floods the vehicle, transfer everyone to a safe zone as soon as possible. Call 911.
While this is usually the first step in an emergency, it is better to try to escape first if the vehicle is flooded or on fire.
While there are a number of vehicle escape tools, AAA recommends avoiding tools with additional features such as a flashlight or charger, as these components do not improve the performance of the tool.
Drivers should also remember that if their vehicle is completely submerged in the water, the hammer-
Style tools will not work underwater.
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