has a screen protector revealed the iphone 8\'s final design? site starts selling accessory it says will fit phone perfectly - even though apple isn\'t expected to announce it for months

by:JinYi     2020-03-31
Consumers may not be able to get Apple\'s iPhone 8 yet, but they can buy screen protectors for smartphones.
A uk website has released \"olixar iPhone 8 fully covered tempered glass screen protector\", allowing iOS users to place pre-order.
The protector also seems to coincide with rumors circulating on the Internet, such as the edge --to-
The edge screen and the top hold a double front area-
For cameras, sensors and headphones.
Scroll down to view this ultra-
The product description on the MobileFun website writes that Olixar provides toughness, high visibility and sensitivity for the thin fully covered curved tempered glass screen protector provided by the iPhone 8.
Provides complete edge-to-edge screen protection for black phones.
Although it seems confusing why Apple\'s most mysterious smartphone will be equipped with screen protectors, these descriptions and appearances are what experts and leakers have shared about the 10 th anniversary smartphone in the past few months.
A special feature is that the Protector is 3D compatible and designed for the edgeto-edge screen -
Speculation is the most talked about.
MobileFun explains in the description that with the awesome 3D Touch feature of the iPhone, it is important to have a screen protector that will not hinder this feature.
\"Well, rest assured that this screen protector will not only allow you to use 3D Touch as usual, but the accuracy of the normal touch screen will not be affected.
So not only can you enjoy superior protection, but you can also use the iPhone like you don\'t have a screen protector installed!
The company also noted that the lower side of Olixar is made of reinforced tempered glass, maintaining perfect image clarity while protecting the entire screen of the phone from scratches and external shocks.
Although Apple didn\'t make any hints about the design, lucky users can buy screen protectors for $31.
99-but it can only be used as a pre-order.
Screen protector does seem to fit the latest panel image leaked online earlier this week as it has edgesto-
The top has an edge screen of the enclosure area.
The image of \"Iphone 8\" also shows an area at the top that appears to be in front
Facing cameras, microphones and sensors
A function is also described in the screen protector.
According to AppleInsider, the latest picture does seem to follow all the major rumors suggested by other leakers and Apple experts, but the picture highlights an aspect that may be considered false.
There seems to be additional markings on the back panel that have never been seen on any iPhone, such as CE, which is a \"Europe-compliant\" security sign.
But it is said that the components have been shipped to Chinese manufacturers, so it is hard to say if they are reputable.
Since the launch of the iPhone 7 in last September, Apple\'s iPhone 8 has been a hot topic on the internet-the phone is considered far from home.
Many iOS users see smartphones as just an updated iPhone 6.
Disappointment put a lot of pressure on Apple and impressed them with Apple\'s tenth performance
Anniversary smartphone
Users have begun to need a range of technologies, especially edge technologies. to-edge screen.
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