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Guangzhou baiyun international airport terminal T2


During the construction of Guangzhou baiyun international airport,the original glass supplier could not provide the goods on schedule and good quality ,after that airport principal decide to use our company provided various glass products .


Earlier this year, Guangzhou baiyun international airport in the process of construction, due to the original glass supplier can't delivery on schedule, and there exist some problems in the quality of the findings from a study of the airport of the party committee, instead  Jin Yi company supply all glass,  after signing the contract,we are set up a special group and to safeguard the quality of delivery and prenatal mobilization meeting of the company all staff organization, quality of each batch of orders for each working procedure, has made the detailed planning, and exercise layers of responsibility, the quality of each working procedure, at present, the airport to our company's delivery and service are very satisfied, achieve the basic goal of zero complaint.


Airport use the main glass include ultra-white tempered glass, ultra-white laminated glass, ultra-white low-e insulating glass, ultra-white glazed glass and so on, at present, these glasses are  to keep to supply by Jin yi Glass company.



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