facts about glass - types, properties and uses

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Glas are neither liquid nor solid.
It is a transparent amorphous solid made of sand.
You can see different forms of glass in windows, bulbs, lenses, wine glasses, storage bottles, mirrors, laboratories and medical equipment.
Glass is easy to make and make.
It has chemical inertia and heat resistance. It is an eco-
Friendly material that can be recycled multiple times without losing its original performance. What is glass?
Gass is neither liquid nor solid.
It falls within the range between liquid and solid.
The solid has a highly ordered structure, but the liquid and glass do not have a rigid structure that the solid has.
During the manufacturing process, the molten mixture containing silica rapidly cools to a temperature below its melting point and becomes an over-cooled liquid (
Ultra-cold liquids are intermediate stages between liquid and gas states. )
When the ultra-cold liquid cools further, it becomes an amorphous solid whose structure is not as hard as the solid, but whose structure is more organized than the liquid.
How is glass made?
Glass is recycled by heating glass, sodium carbonate (soda ash)
And calcium carbonate (limestone)in a furnace.
This glass is also called soda. lime-silica glass. The soda-lime-
Melt the silica glass and pour it into the mold to make the bottle, glass, jar.
To make a flat glass plate for Windows, pour the molten glass into a large tank containing molten tin metal.
A glass ball is wrapped around an open pipe and slowly rotates.
The hot air blows through the pipe, and the molten glass ball blows up like a balloon, and is cleverly manipulated to produce decorative glass containers.
Glass manufacturers add chemicals to the glass, making the decorations colorful.
The performance of the glass depends on the material added when making the glass.
Substances added to change the properties of the glass mainly exist in the form of oxides.
The addition of lead is to increase the brightness and weight of glass boron for heat insulation and electrical resistance to increase the refractive index ce to absorb infrared ray metal oxide, thus giving color. It is made of glass and other household, plates, because the glass is chemically inert and does not react with the food stored in the glass jar.
The type of glass and useslamin laminated glass is made of alternating layers of flat glass and plastic.
When laminated glass breaks due to a severe impact, the glass receiving the impact breaks, but the plastic layer inside holds the glass fragments together and prevents them from flying in all directions.
This glass is used to make the windshield of a car.
If the windshield breaks due to the accident, laminated glass will prevent the glass fragments from flying in the car to prevent passengers from being injured.
Lasslassfiberglass is made of fine solid glass rods, each of which is smaller in size than one
Twice the width of human hair.
Used to make wool-
Just like the fibers used as insulation.
This glass can also be used to make glass yarns, tape, cloth, and Mats like wool or cotton fiber.
It is also used for electrical insulation, chemical filtration and the making of fireman\'s suits.
Fiberglass is combined with plastic for the manufacture of body parts for aircraft wings, cars and Hull.
Bulletproof glass is a thick multi-layer laminated glass that can block heavy objectsCaliber bullet
The glass breaks when it hits, but the plastic layer of the glass holds the pieces together.
This glass is also used to make bank teller windows and to make windshields for military tanks and aircraft.
Tempered glass is stronger than laminated glass.
It is a piece of glass with no layers similar to laminated glass.
Glass doors, side windows and rear windows for the car, and basketball backboards.
The glass is hard to break, but when it breaks into many pieces.
Foam glass is filled with a lot of tiny gas.
Each unit is enclosed by a thin glass wall.
It is very light, floating on the water.
Used as an insulator in buildings, steam pipes, and chemical equipment.
The content of silica in heat-resistant and heat-resistant glass is high and contains boron.
This glass expands slightly when heated and does not break at high temperatures.
Due to high temperature-
This type of glass is used in the manufacture of cookware, household, laboratory and industrial equipment.
It is also used to make light bulbs and televisions.
The thermal reflective glass has two pieces of glass, separated by a layer of ar gas that helps to improve the insulation.
This glass is used to make Windows for apartments and other buildings.
It helps keep the home warm in the winter, keep it cool in the summer, and help reduce the electricity bill.
Other types of glass-glass fiber transmit information in the form of optical pulses.
These optical fibers are very thin for long-distance transmission of telephone, television signals and digital data.
Glass ceramics can withstand very high temperatures and can suddenly change the temperature without breaking and resist chemical erosion.
This glass is used for cookware, turbine engines, electronic equipment and nose cones of missiles.
Stained glass is made by adding chemical compounds to the molten glass.
Each compound gives a different color to the glass according to its chemical properties.
Used to make beautiful windows and other decorative items.
Crystal Glass is a glass of excellent quality.
It is made of silica, lead oxide, soda or potash.
It is used to make wine glasses and other decorations.
Why is the glass eco-friendly?
Friendly material? Glass is ecological.
Because of the friendly material
Glass can be recycled many times without losing its original performance.
Compared to New Glass made using raw materials, it takes less energy to make new glass with recycled glass.
Recycled glass reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
When the soil is rich in silica and the conditions are ideal, the glass formed by the power of nature, the power of nature creates the glass.
When the cloud and ground lightning occur, the ancient stone glass is formed. Sobsidian glass is the result of the formation of volcanic activity meteor glass or Tektite glass, due to the fact that the first nuclear bomb equivalent to 18,000 tons of TNT was detonated in the New Mexico desert in 1945 when the meteorite collided with the Earth\'s surface.
The explosion caused a crater of 800 yards in diameter with a dull surface --
Gray silicone glassGlass is ecological.
Friendly materials that can be recycled multiple times.
It is chemically inert and can be safely used to make cookware and tableware.
It is versatile and the performance of the glass can be manipulated in many applications to make the product.
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