Does JinYi provide OEM service?
It is the eternal tenet for JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd to pursue safety glass door. Get info! Engaged in the Production of laminated insulated glass for Years JinYi's laminated security glass has the following advantages over other similar products. While providing quality products, JinYi is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.

Filtration accuracy 0.01um can UF remove residual chlorine in tap water? 30 Generally, precision filter paper only filters small particles in the solution, but does not filter out ions and small molecules. So it's impossible. No, ion exchange membrane.

Have you used air filter bags? where can I buy them? The air filter bag is divided into air conditioning filter bag and dust bag.Performance Features: filter efficiency grade G4 ~ F8 is available;Special high-throughput and low-resistance chemical fiber cloth is used as filter material,Large amount of dust;Galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame, plastic frame or stainless steel frame can be brought.Application: HBM chemical fiber bag air filter is mainly used for general air purification systems in electronics, biomedicine, mechanical instruments and petrochemical light industry.The air conditioning system filter bag is mainly used for the filtration of air dust particles in the air supply system,Meet the requirements of dust-free production environment.Dust bags are mainly used for industrial exhaust gas treatment of exhaust system.The air conditioning system filter bag is also called the air conditioning system bag filter,Depending on the level of efficiency,It is divided into G3 and G4 primary fil
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