design tips: choosing a coffee table

by:JinYi     2020-03-31
A coffee table. k. a.
Cocktail table, usually a short table placed in front of a sofa or chair in the living room or family room.
In addition to this, the coffee table has many shapes, sizes and styles that can be made from many different materials.
Shape: most coffee tables are rectangular with square or round sides.
Because they are usually on the side of the sofa and the sofa is rectangular, the table usually follows the suit.
A smaller square or round coffee table works well in front of one or two smaller chairs.
A larger square coffee table can work with a large sofa with equal length on both sides.
When choosing a table, the decision to choose the square and round sides may be just a matter of design preference.
The round table looks softer and makes it easier to approach the surroundings in smaller spaces.
Size: it is best to choose a coffee table that usually imitates the ratio of the sofa.
In other words, the longer the sofa, the longer the coffee table.
Since the coffee table is a functional piece of furniture, the person sitting on the sofa should have comfortable access to it.
There should be about 18 \"space between the edge of the sofa and the table.
This allows for comfortable legroom, as well as space for people to walk between two blocks.
Style: in addition to the size and shape of the coffee table, style is the biggest factor.
Like all furniture options, you need to consider the use of furniture.
The formal living room for entertainment needs a more formal and traditional coffee table.
Smooth cherry wood or painted metal is a classic choice for formal space.
To avoid wet rings, glass countertops are often used.
In less formal environments such as family rooms or dens, tables are usually made of more durable materials because they are more likely to wear out.
Pine or Walnut is a good choice.
The glass top is very good for wet problems, but it is easy to break and break.
Coffee tables can also be themed.
For example, they can be made with a compromise table top, such as a surfboard, or with a lobster trap at the top of the tempered glass.
So, while they are functional, they can also be interesting.
Details vary: There are many functional options to help with more coffee tables
A task as a storage unit, such as a shelf for storing magazines or books, or a drawer for storing remote controls or beverage coasters.
Some tables are equipped with \"elevators\"
The Top \"feature, the desktop can be raised to a height suitable for working or eating while sitting comfortably on the sofa.
A custom table may have multiple pulls-
Extend the shelf to extend the length or width of the work piece as needed.
When buying a coffee table, if you take all the options above into account, you will definitely find a table that suits you.
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