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JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and economical solutions for customers, so as to meet their needs to the greatest extent. reflective glass produced by JinYi is applied to the following industries. We have many years of experience in production and sales. And if you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us. JinYi has created a number of successful series, and laminated security glass is one of them.

The alkali content of well water in my house is very high. what equipment can I filter out the alkali composition in the water? Can you make a homemade sand jar? After this kind of water is boiled,The calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate contained in the water will be decomposed into calcium carbonate that is not soluble in water and magnesium hydroxide that is difficult to dissolve in water.These deposits are precipitated,The hardness of water can be reduced,The water with high hardness is softened.Apparently,To reduce sediment, it is necessary to reduce the hardness of water,However,The easiest way to reduce the hardness of water is to boil the water.There is also a simple way to add alum.Sand Tank filtration is to reduce the turbidity of water,It does not help to soften hard water,However, adding alum to the sand jar plays a certain role.After alum was dissolved in water, it was ionised to produce al 3,Al 3 is combined with OH, which is produced by water and electricity separation to gen

When you make your girlfriend angry, say that you see through, say more useless. What do you do when you call her but she doesn't pick up and hang up until it's turned off? See through what, call her again in a while,Don't keep playing,People will be annoyed,Besides, I was angry and took the initiative to find her,Don't lie,Sincerity is the best solution,And when she calmed down a little,Believe she still loves you,As long as you do better!!I wish you an early resolution of contradictions!Action,Take out sincerity,Sincerity is coming!Girls can't hold on to their mouths.Go straight to her,Move her so far!Buddy,You have to fight all the time,Only by sticking to it can we win.Maybe when is it turned on,You haven't arrived yet,Even more angry.Flowers must be prepared,An apology is also a must.But be honest.Honesty is the most important thing at this time.
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