atari\'s pong gets a reboot in mechanical form

by:JinYi     2020-04-01
In a world where movies, TV shows and even some video games are restarted, it seems appropriate for coffee table arcade games to restart.
What better place to start than from Pong
One of the oldest and most popular arcade games ever.
According to the early video tennis game, Atari first released Pong as an arcade machine as a standard upright cabinet in 1972, and later launched the home console version in 1974.
The graphics are simple: the dotted line below the center indicates the net, the short line at both ends of the player, the point of the ball.
But now, the Unis games that make and license the playground --
Fashion games in places like Dave & Buster\'s and Cineplex\'s Rec Room have been re-launched in a format that the company thinks will attract new and old fans.
In the photo, it may look like a typical table (or cocktail-style)
Arcade cabinet-
What you will find after 80
Time restaurant, while eating hamburgers, chips and malt, just play.
However, when you see the machine in person, the first thing that stands out is that the display is not digital, but tempered glass that covers the physical paddle and ball
Or rather, it\'s a small cube that shows nostalgia for computer graphics in 1970.
It also includes retro sound, adjustable speed/difficulty, Bluetooth, so you can stream music and charge your mobile device with 4 USB ports.
Stephen Tan, general manager, Unis Technology (Canada)
Said in an interview with the company\'s Markham, Ont recently.
Office, these parts are magnetic and guided by magnets under the table.
This reproduces the look of the 2D graphics along with the motor and the pulley.
\"It\'s a combination of physics and software that makes the game work,\" he said . \".
Tan said the mechanics were part of the competition that attracted him.
\"If it\'s a computer
Based on . . . . . . I won\'t touch it because I can\'t see the appeal and I can\'t see any difference, \"Tan said.
\"But in fact, it\'s physical . . . . . . I saw a huge attraction.
I took it to the trade show and people came over and people thought it was a screen . . . . . . But when they realize it\'s a physics game, they say, \"Wow, it\'s really cool like this.
I don\'t have a disappointed customer.
\"The Atari ping-pong table won the trade show award, including the best performance award for last year\'s Toronto fall family show.
Tan explained that the mechanical table tennis table was invented by a guy named Daniel pedomo in a garage in Uruguay.
\"We saw the game and how it was better than the original version.
The idea of the machine was the earliest in 2014.
\"This project is a hobby carried out by two people (
Pedolo and his colleagues
Creator Alvaro Salsamendi)
This has no previous knowledge of anything related to electronics or machinery, \"said Kickstarter of March 2017.
\"In the end, the team grew into a passionate multi-disciplinary team working together for a common cause.
Kickstarter received $335,422 from 322 supporters, well above its $250,000 target.
Unis signed an agreement in October 2017 to develop, market and license the game globally.
Tan said he thought the Kickstarter version of the machine was about 60% complete, but Unis helped improve the design last summer and started shipping the equipment.
Unis offers three different versions of the Atari table tennis table: the version of the coffee table for personal/family use;
Still shaped like a coffee table but an arcade table for coins-operated;
And a cocktail table and coins.
Operation, but more compact. Tan said four
The player version, which is controlled by both sides, is also under development and should be released this year.
The price of Yali coffee table is US $2,999 ($3,982)
The price of the arcade and cocktail versions will be given through a custom quote.
Technology (Canada)
It is a subsidiary of UNIS Technology Co. , Ltd. Ltd. in China.
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