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JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd has a long history and our products and technology are in a leading position. Enterprise Mission: Everything is centered on customer satisfaction Enterprise spirit: Integrity, harmony, innovation Business philosophy: Resource globalization, market nationalization, talent diversification JinYi's curved glass has a wide range of applications. JinYi has created a number of successful series, and tempered glass panels is one of them. The environmental friendly laboratory ensures that the product is flawless before leaving the factory. Having undergone the hot-dip process, it will not explode itself. JinYi provides each client with quick response and considerate service. The product is made of environmental-friendly materials in strict accordance with the international standard. If interested in the products, please contact our team.

Urgent: the high performance liquid chromatography solvent filter is blocked by the water phase filter when filtering Methanol. how to solve it? As shown in Figure 1, the high-performance liquid chromatography is composed of a solution Reservoir, a high-pressure pump, a sample feeding system, a chromatography separation column, and a vacuum filter to filter both particles and remove bubbles, very (2) the composition of the solvent should be gradually changed, especially to buy one again, or there is another way. Soak with acetone or alcohol, usually soak the water filter membrane in an hour, blow it several times in reverse phase, replace it or soak it for a long time, and blow it several times after soaking, it's almost the same to repeat it a few times. when the solvent is still clarified after soaking with acetone or alcohol, it proves that it is almost the same. Note this kind of thing, the bubble is not clean and hurts the column. The filter membrane also has a dual-purpose organic system of water system

Excuse me, the experience range of dust particles in grade 100 and grade 10000 clean areas in the sterile API workshop ~ Level 100 and level 10000 are 0 according to the US standard.The number of dust in 5um is below 100 and 10000.The 100000-grade polymer material factory I have handled,The number measured in the workshop is nearly 70000;Circuit board factory of grade 10000,The number I measured at many measurement points is generally 3000-4000 or so,There are nearly 7000 locations.We use the dust particle counter produced in Jiangsu,The results of the measurement are a little different from the data measured by other detectors in the factory,But the impact is not big.Boss,You are a pharmaceutical factory;New norms must be followed.First, correct it,There is no saying of level 100 and level 10000 now;Only A \ B \ C \ D.Standards for dust particles,Also in the new GB;Haven't you bought the medicine factory yet?Two, as for the scan you said,This has something to do with the device you use.Look at the equipmen
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