Any good manufacturers for safety glass windows ?
We share the same dream that JinYi Safety Energy-saving Glass Co.,Ltd is going to be one of the most reliable laminated security glass manufacturer in customers' mind. Check it! The Specialized Manufacturer of safety glass windows JinYi's low e glass is produced in strict accordance with standards. We make ensure that the products have more advantages over similar products in the following aspects. JinYi provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs.

What is the front of the central water purifier, stainless steel mesh and pp cotton, pp cotton will reduce the water pressure, stainless steel precision is not good. How to choose good. 70 What you are talking about is the front filter. the front filter is usually a stainless steel filter element with a sewage valve under it. generally, it needs to be discharged once a week or so. If pp cotton filtration is used, the water pressure and water flow speed will be affected, the timeliness of water use will be affected, and the filter element should be replaced frequently. The precision range of stainless steel filter screen varies from 5-300 microns according to different brands and models. Moreover, the pre-filtration is coarse filtration, which mainly removes the precipitated impurities generated by the pipeline and the particulate impurities greater than 5 microns such as bacteria, microbial debris, rust, sand mud, etc, it plays an active role in protecting downstream pipelines, water purifiers, water heaters,

Water treatment device 1. living facilities: all kinds of hot water boilers, central air conditioners, heat exchange systems, household central air conditioners, wall-mounted boilers, etc.2. general industrial equipment: air compressor, refrigerator, heat exchanger, cooler, etc.3. application of special industries: Anti-scale, descale, magnetic, sterilization and anti-algae of water equipment in food, pharmaceutical, alcohol and other industries.Classification of water treatment devices: water treatment devices mainly include soft water machines, pure water machines, water purifiers, precision filters and water taps, road design, equipment installation and after-sales service, etc,This is a complete set of water treatment devices for consumers.At present, the water treatment devices on the market mainly include three types: water softener, water purifier and water purifier.1.Principle and function of water softener: according to the principle of ion exchange,I. E. exchange Mg 2 with Na,Redu
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