Any engineers can help install frosted laminated glass ?
Is the well water hard or soft? Well water is usually hard water, and there is very little soft water.Water that does not contain or contains less soluble calcium and magnesium compounds is called soft water ).In daily life,We often see that there will be scale on the inner wall of the kettle after a long time,This is because there are many inorganic salts in the water we use,Such as calcium, magnesium salt, etc.These salts cannot be found by the naked eye in the water at normal temperature,Once they are heated and boiled,There is a lot of calcium and magnesium salt precipitated in the form of carbonate,They form scale close to the wall of the pot.We usually express the content of calcium and magnesium ions in water with the index of 'hardness.The hardness is equivalent to 10 mg of calcium oxide per liter of water.Water below 8 degrees is called soft water,Above 17 degrees is called hard water,Between 8 ~ It is called moderate hard water between 17 degrees.Rain, snow, rivers, rivers, and lakes are all soft

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Can the filter head filter the suspension? -Filtration usually refers to the treatment and technology of removing particles and impurities in water by using quartz sand and other granular material layers
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