aly\'s favourite things: my favourite bar carts

by:JinYi     2020-04-04
The holiday is coming to an end, which means it\'s time to celebrate the new year!
How to bring it in, what to do, who to kiss, what to wear with so many things worth thinking about --
Why not celebrate at home? Invite a few friends over for a wonderful New Year\'s Eve party.
No delicious drinks, no great party is complete, I think every family needs a well
Bar carts in stock and fashion.
Whether you live in a house or an apartment, there are some great options for a house of any style or size.
These beauties can also be used as stylish accessories for side tables or houses to make gorgeous vignettes.
The black dining car is simple, fashionable and small, and is made of black thin pipes. coated steel.
The smoky mirror shelf offers a modern advantage to the industrial trolley, with simple lines that allow it to work in so many interiors.
The SAIC group is perfect for small spaces and in a corner.
Made of acrylic, almost visible-through.
A space for storing glassware, and very importantly, there is also a bottle of wine that can be used on the top as a surface for mixed cocktails, which is appropriate for any narrow place.
Designed as a collaboration between CB2 and Zach Pino, a student at the Chicago School of Art.
Classic design by hand to mix iron, resin, wood and tempered glass
Painted in vintage brass finish.
Brady bar cart is the perfect cart for transition or traditional space.
With two handles, it\'s convenient to move.
You can also consider using this as a sub-table.
The name speaks of everything, saluting the age of 50 and 60 with warm oak
Color walnut finish and vintage brass detail.
This is a clear statement that looks great in any office or living room, filled with vintage decan water dispensers.
Clean lines and very simple, this vintage looking bar cart is full of on-
Trend polish brass finish and lift with leather wrapped handle. The two-
The layered shelves are lined with antique mirrors that make the shopping cart look beautiful.
A simple and elegant shopping cart is perfect for any trendy family.
Made of wrought iron with gorgeous champagne finish, this trolley features a clear glass top shelf and a mirror bottom shelf.
The circular frame separates it and is perfect for small spaces or empty corners.
A handy shelf on the top shelf holds glassware, and the ring on the bottom shelf holds your favorite wine.
Function and style are combined.
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