a security door: the 21st century drawbridge

by:JinYi     2020-03-23
Your home may be your castle, but you may not have the moat and suspension bridge to protect it.
No matter how many locks you have on your door, there is no way to keep them --
If the door panels or door frames are sure enough, don\'t go after them, know that there is no one in your house and don\'t expect to arrive soon.
It is also a risk to think that you can simply reinforce it by bolts on existing wooden doors;
A sledgehammer with enough force will fasten the metal and crush the door frame.
If you really want your home to be an intruder
Proof that you need to replace your wooden door and door frame with solid steel from the safety door, as well as a frame that can withstand the worst situation for guests you don\'t want.
If your first reaction is to think \"would it make my home look like a factory without a steel security door ? \"? \" relax.
Steel security doors are equipped with wooden coatings that are dyed or painted to perfectly fit into the look of your home.
They are easy to maintain and clean well with just warm water and soap or stainless steel cleaner.
Although the lock system of the security door is invisible, it is almost indestructible.
The lock is a steel bolt placed every other time along the edge of the safety door;
When the key of the security door turns, it slides the steel bolts into the aligned opening in the frame.
A steel safety door will be built with heavy rail steel;
For those who want to identify tourists, there is a model of tempered glass mosaic.
The best steel security doors will be strong enough to withstand hurricanes and rain and sound insulation.
Security doors are available in a variety of thickness and can be used on the inner wall and entrance of the home.
When used for partition walls, they need a reinforced frame to support the weight of the door and to strengthen the wall against intruders.
The security door is better, and the security door warranty is usually far better than the standard security door.
Like wooden doors, steel safety devices are not easy to bend and dry rot and need to be replaced a lot less often.
If you choose a safety door with tempered glass, even if the glass needs to be replaced, you face a much smaller cost than buying a brand new door.
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